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Texting: Awesome or Tragic?

Ah, cellphones, the latest saying of a woman/man’s best friend. Face it we refuse to leave home without them. We almost always have our cellphones whether they’re in our hands, in our pockets, or in our purses. However, the most common place that you will find a cellphone lately is in an individual’s car. Unfortunately, we will even see a cellphone within the hand of somebody driving. Lately, most teens

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Are These Apps Crossing the Line?

Lately within our society technology has been advancing, it feels like, every two months. Whether it’s the latest smartphone, computer, watch, or you name it. The times have completely changed since 2010. However, what has been completely altering the world, as we know it is the fact that there is an app…for almost everything! Apps were first invented for an individual to play games on their cell phones when they were

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MP3 Music Downloader: Stealing Songs or Enhancing Fan Growth?

I, like the millions of other people in the world, once had an MP3 music downloader installed in their phone. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically a non-virus smartphone app that illegally downloads your favorite songs to your phone. Recently, I had that app removed from my phone due to the fact that I needed a lot of space put back onto my memory

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Instagram: The Importance of a Like

Instagram, where you are either ‘Instafamous’ or just another face in the crowd with some pictures. So what is it about Instagram and obtaining likes that is just satisfying? Is the fact of knowing that your picture is awesome and you didn’t even have a filter? Is it the fact that you are trying to gain publicity for maybe an event or an accomplishment? Well, I’ll tell you something, it’s

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Why Social Media Killed Edgar Allan Poe

Like, comment, follow, subscribe, un-follow, hashtag, YOLO. Today’s youth has been deprived of even the slightest thought of wanting to read a book if there’s no movie to follow it. It’s times like this where I begin to feel a very large hole in my stomach as well as my heart to think that I may have been the only one in my Literature class who even had the slightest

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