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What’s Wrong With Nick? The Lifestyles of Living With Somebody With Autism

Life isn’t easy and life isn’t fair, it’s what you do with it that makes it worth living.   When I was younger, my brother was just my brother. I didn’t see him as disabled, on the spectrum nor autistic. He was just my older brother, who loved having sword fights with spoons, re-watching and replaying every scene of Jumanji imaginable until he grew tired of it, and wore his

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Fried Pickles, Please!

I know what you burger lovers are probably thinking, gross. A pickle on it’s own is perfect. Stick to basics. Gerkin, Dill, sour or half sour, why change the norm? However, we’re in America! Everything should be fried and tested at least once in our lives. I too was a non-believer once. I saw the glass half empty and was utterly repulsed, like many others, when I saw Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi try

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Apple Vs Android: Battle of the Phones

Apple Vs. Android: Battle of the Phones The everlasting battle of the most famous smartphones: Apple vs Android! Although it is not quite clear about how this historical battle began, we can only guess that Steve Jobs could not find the answer he was looking for on Google and went into attack mode. So, what is it about these two smartphones that people cannot stop arguing about? A few arguments I’ve

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A Series of Unfortunate Lifestyle Options for Your Average College Student

What’s life without a little bit of partying, a little bit of fashion, and whole lot of stress. The day in the life of a college student isn’t as exciting as it’s made out to be in the movies. Sure, for some students there’s leaving home for six to eight months out of the year, staying out all night drinking, and creating friendships as well bonds with people you have

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