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No More Pencils, No More Books: How Technology is Revolutionizing the Classroom

Technology in the classroom has been rapidly evolving since the millennium. In many school districts, the era of pencils, books, and blackboards is quickly fading. Today’s K-12 and higher education teachers are using a variety of tools, apps, and electronic devices to introduce new ways to learn and collaborate, all the while preparing students for success in this digital age. I’ve spoken to many teachers about how they are using

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Don’t Sweat It: Healthy Living Hacks for Slackers

Like many people, I yearn for the perfect summer body. However, I consider myself the very epitome of laziness. I would much rather Netflix and chill with a bag of Doritos than hit the gym or work out complicated meal plans. Given that my budget is tight as well, I’m not likely to sign up for expensive fad diets or fresh meal boxes. Living healthy is important, but slacking is

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Giving Back: Summer Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

For teenagers, summer can be a time to relax, soak up some sun and hang out with friends. A recent trend among teens during the summer months is to take that free time to give back to their community. Teen volunteer work can help build character, help young people gain life experience, and for some states, even earn points toward college scholarships. If you are the parent of a teen

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Smell That Smoke? Great Ways to Use a Smoker this Summer

Summer. Lazy days, warm temperatures, cool drinks, and BBQ are all hallmarks of my favorite season. Whipping up tasty meals on the grill and dining on your patio or deck are great ways to enjoy the summer months. If you are a little more adventurous with your culinary pursuits and love great smoky flavors, consider investing in a smoker. Adding a little smoke to food can bring out natural flavors

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Not Just a Toy: How Drones are Changing the World

Drones. They are one of the coolest gadgets to own. Recording aerial video and high definition photos can be a ton of fun. There are drone races and competitions across the country that enable you to show off your flying skills. Drones are more than just pricey toys, however. In many industries, drones are revolutionizing the way companies and organizations do business. Parcel shipping Online shopping is quickly becoming the

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