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Creations for the 2015 NHL Winter Classic

No matter how you ring in 2015, your New Year’s Day should be just as divine and delicious as when the clock struck midnight. Invite your late night guests to stay for a lazy day of fun dishes and savory home cooking, while the good old NHL Winter Classic offers some couch potato entertainment. These party-sized snacks are great for enjoying throughout the day, offering all of the tastes your

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Naughty and Nice Changes for Social Media Platforms

Naughty and Nice Changes for Social Media Platforms Not all things technology have been in the giving spirit lately.   Between break-ups and disagreements, some of these companies are celebrating, and some are ready to forget about 2014. Here is some of the current tech news sweeping in, just in time for the cheerful season. Facebook and Microsoft (sort of) break up After four years of a successful relationship between

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Eggnog’s Fresh Outlook

Eggnog has made the resolution to be more flexible for 2015. This holiday season, we’ll see our festive eggnog is at its most glamorous. Golden goblets, smooth spirits and its luring cinnamon smell will greet you at every party and get-together. But like people, eggnog loses its luster after the holiday is over. After Christmas, it’s just some stuff in a carton that the guests wouldn’t take home. What to

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