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Google AI Will Attempt to Beat World’s Best Player of Ancient Chinese Board Game ‘Go’

Go is an ancient Chinese board game invented over 2,500 years ago. An artificial-intelligence challenge set the stage for researchers at Google and Facebook to try to have a computer beat the game. Computers have already mastered backgammon, chess and Atari’s breakout. As it turns out, Google developed the first AI software that learned to play Go and beat a few human players. Google DeepMind, the London research group behind the

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Have a Marshmallowy Valentine’s Day with the Nexus 5X and Gold Nexus 6P

If you’ve been longing for a new Google Android phone, now may be just the right time to go shopping. Google’s smaller 5.2-inch smartphone, the Nexus 5X, just received a permanent $30 price cut. Yet, that’s not all. Google will be cutting the price another $50 for a limited Valentine’s Day special. This means you have until February 14th to get $80 off a phone that features Marshmallow. An unlocked

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Veterans Day Tribute

Happy Veterans Day!

Meet Nick Pettit: Teacher at Treehouse

Have you ever considered pursuing a career in Web design or mobile development, but didn’t know where to begin? Do you feel as if your current career isn’t fulfilling your lifelong dreams? Nick Pettit, a teacher at Treehouse, has some insights on a tech career and training. Treehouse is an online educational platform that features classes on topics such as: HTML, CSS, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Business, Mobile Development, and

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