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Microsoft Launching Xbox One in China for $600

  In 2000, China banned the sale of gaming devices throughout the country. However, today, there is good news for gamers. Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it was given the go-ahead to launch their Xbox One on September 23. The price starts at 3,699 yuan or $600. This is the first gaming console approved for sale since 2000.

Facebook’s Internet.Org Distributes Free Internet Via Mobile App In Zambia

Image via Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has publicly shared his desire to provide free Internet to third-world countries throughout the globe. In his eyes, having access to the Internet should be an intrinsic right and not just a privilege available only in first-world and second-world countries. So, his foundation has finally made even more headway towards achieving his objectives. In a partnership with Bharti Airtel, announced that it will

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