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Super Tech for the Super Bowl

Every year sports fans everywhere gather to cheer on their favorite team (or their second favorite team, depending on how the season went) in the annual Super Bowl. This is the sporting event’s 50th year and you can bet it will be an exciting event for all who tune in. Each year, technology becomes more and more involved in the epic football game, whether it’s through twitter debates, hilarious commercials

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The Foodini: Would you Print your Palette?

A while back I talked about the technology behind 3D printing; the process of layering materials to build 3D figures out of things like rubbers, metals and of course paper. (If you haven’t read it, go check it out!) Within the article I briefly mentioned the idea of using the 3D printer to create food, and recent tech news has brought me back to this super tasty idea. So what

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5 Foods 3D Printers Can Make That May Change The Future Of Mealtime!

I’ll admit it, when it comes to 3D printers, I’m a troglodyte.  All I know about 3D printers is well, nothing.  However, when I read this: “Journey to the frontier of food and you’ll find a 3-D printer, spewing out chocolate. While traditional cooking isn’t going anywhere, you can count on 3-D-printed foods eventually finding a place in our world.” (source) I was definitely interested in finding out more! Since

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Top 5 3D Printing Gadgets You Must Have [Video]

Which 3D Printing gadgets pique your interest? Let us know in the comments section below!

What the 3D Printer Taught Me

How I imagined a 3-D printer worked before this article: Someone went out and got a fresh new stack of computer papers from Staples Someone sitting at a computer designed some sort of cool object A magical printer took the paper and BAM; made it into said cool object …that’s about it. I realize that’s not saying much for my knowledge of the technology, but I’m willing to put myself

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