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More VR Fun With Facebook Spaces + Other Social Media News

Facebook, Google, and Instagram announced or unrolled changes.  All three adopt favorite features from competing platforms. Facebook moves into social virtual reality while Instagram becomes a little more like Snapchat.  Will Facebook Spaces Compete With Google’s VR Platform? Last week, we posted about Google’s Virtual Reality (VR) activities. Social media giant Facebook is also breaking into VR.  Facebook announced their new social VR app Spaces at the Facebook Developers Conference

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Social Media News February 2017

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all made some recent changes. For February 2017 we offer another installation in our Social Media News. Instagram expanded your storytelling capabilities, Facebook is giving LinkedIn a run for their money, and Twitter strengthens their efforts to curb bullying. Instagram Social Media News They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes one picture is not enough. Instagram now lets you share up to

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Microsoft Reacts to Trump’s Immigration Order

It’s affecting people all over the world, and it will continue to do so regardless of where anyone stands on the matter. The recent immigration order set down by President Trump last week has thousands of people stranded, confused and worried about their uncertain future. Regardless of individual opinion, it’s very clear that the restrictions have forced a lot of companies to take a step back. The changes involve a

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Soldiers Set Sights on Biodegradable Bullets

We’re all aware that a bullet can kill. But did you know that a bullet can also decompose in the ground and sprout new life? Well, that’s the plan anyways. Let me back up a bit. Before now, can you say that you thought about the environmental impact of bullet casings? I definitely hadn’t. With all of the conflict that’s been rising between countries, it seems there were other things

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10 Election Information Resources

Some voters feel frustrated with the tone of the 2016 election. Others feel confused over who to elect. Despite the noise, there are resources citizens may use to help prepare for the election. Whether you want to fact check claims made during the debate or research the candidates’ stands on issues that matter to you Tech and Burgers does not endorse any claims made on any of these sites. This

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