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Technology vs. Technology-They invented what?

It’s hardly news anymore when a plethora of New Year’s articles boast that this will be the greatest year for technology yet. It can’t really come as a surprise that with all of the out-of-this-world progress we’re always making with technology, that 2015 would be projected to be any different. The interesting conversation lies more within the debate of whether or not technology continues to be helpful, or helpless? With

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Naughty and Nice Changes for Social Media Platforms

Naughty and Nice Changes for Social Media Platforms Not all things technology have been in the giving spirit lately.   Between break-ups and disagreements, some of these companies are celebrating, and some are ready to forget about 2014. Here is some of the current tech news sweeping in, just in time for the cheerful season. Facebook and Microsoft (sort of) break up After four years of a successful relationship between

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Zelda Wii U Harkens the Original

Last Friday, the publisher closed The Game Awards in Las Vegas with this; a new video from The Legend of Zelda for Wii U that included an Easter Egg that is a huge throwback to the original Zelda. We can expect this game next year, which is almost 30 years after its first release on the Nintendo Entertainment System. And while the series is undergoing some changes thanks to innovative

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The Intel MICA Bracelet: Stylish and Smart

Recently, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich visited New York’s Fashion Week celebrations last September to debut MICA, a smart bracelet they created with fashion house Opening Ceremony. It looks like something straight off the runways, actually. The MICA (pronounced like “meeka”) goes on sale for $495 in early December. Some benefits include: It doesn’t require a smartphone nearby It has its own cellular connection Two years of AT&T service are included

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Microsoft Launching Xbox One in China for $600

  In 2000, China banned the sale of gaming devices throughout the country. However, today, there is good news for gamers. Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it was given the go-ahead to launch their Xbox One on September 23. The price starts at 3,699 yuan or $600. This is the first gaming console approved for sale since 2000.