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How to Find Local Coding and STEM Youth Programs

Summer is the perfect time for adults and kids to sharpen their technology related skills. Most likely, you know that “STEM” is hot! Parents, business leaders, and educators want to improve education in science, technology, engineering, and math. Local STEM youth programs are a perfect way to give your children a head start while they have fun! Now is the time when many families plan summer activities. We previously mentioned

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The S’more: A Fireside Classic, Re-born

You know that smell that officially means its sweet summertime? Ahh…you know what I’m talking about; that smoky, story-filled aroma that wafts along dirt roads and quiet lakes. It’s the one that brings back nostalgic memories of growing up at the cottage and hearing your first ghost story. Oh yeah, it’s the campfire. And what better way to ring in the best pastime of the summer, than to welcome it

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Quick Pics Get Into Politics

If you don’t have this app, you’ve at least heard of it. It is America’s fastest growing smartphone app and its premises is either devotedly loved or passionately hated by the smartphone population. There is no in between. Snapchat was launched in 2011, and has grown considerably from its 127 users in the first month. As of August 2014 there were 100 million monthly active users involved with the app,

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Vacation Preparation: Road Trip Snacks for Every Rider

With the sorely-missed warm weather finally rolling in, people are preparing for trips to the cottage, family vacations and long awaited- drives with the windows down. Ah yes it all sounds so exciting, until the classic hollering of “Are we there yet?” and “I’m hungry!” start to boom in from the back seat. Did you prepare for that moment? Were you banking on the soggy burger stop an hour away

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Hyperkin Smart Boy: Your Nostalgia is Loading

Depending on where you are, spring may be coming along quite nicely. For those such as myself, Mother Nature hasn’t quite decided if she likes us yet. Regardless, it’s about high time we started opening the windows, and cleaning out the settled layers that have accumulated over a very long winter season. While you’re cleaning, make sure to dig up those old video game consoles and games that you’ve long

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