2015 Food Trends


2014 is behind us, and along with it, some of the food trends that are, thankfully, on the wane. (Food trucks? Hit or miss at best, gastrointestinal distress at the very worst…) but 2015 looks to be shaping up, literally and figuratively, with some tweaks and changes that will make even the pickiest foodie’s taste buds satisfied. We’ve come up with six of the stand-out changes in food – how you eat it, how it’s made, what it tastes like – to be on the lookout for in 2015:

Quinoa SayWhaaaaa??…Oh, you mean Cauliflower!

Quinoa had an awesome year in 2014. It was everywhere: in salads, casseroles, and slow cookers…it was inescapable. To be fair, it’s a great source of protein, but frankly…we’re over it. Easier to prepare, and much easier to pronounce, Cauliflower is making a comeback. One of the basic ‘cruciferous vegetables’ that we’ve long enjoyed, get ready to see Cauliflower back in action. Delicious raw, even better in a cheesy casserole, or steamed with other vegetables, Cauliflower has been overlooked for far too long. In North Hollywood, The Eclectic Restaurant offers a Fried Cauliflower that gets five-star reviews across the board. When it comes to food trends, this is an all-star.

Home is Where You Hang The Skillet

Call it ‘comfort food’, call it ‘homemade’, whatever you want to call it – don’t call it late for dinner! Along with the Quinoa craze was a leaning towards food that was long on healthy, gluten-free, fat-free benefits, but short on taste. People are ready to get back to basics, and get back to what makes them feel good. From roasts to stews and hearty sides, home cooked meals will be making themselves known in 2015.

Fusion, not confusion…

If you live in the California Bay Area, you may notice that you can no longer answer the “what do you feel like tonight?” question with ease. Just saying Indian, Chinese, or Italian won’t cut it. From Indo-Chinese to Ramen Burgers, the melting pot is alive and well. There are Bao Sliders and Korean Burritos, any kind of mix to suit your fancy. Look for these types of offerings to become more popular in 2015.

Local, Organic, Fresh and Sustainable…

These are all the keywords to watch for in the New Year. Connoisseurs are paying attention to where their food is coming from and how they can best help their local farms and markets. Fresh is best, and the fresher the better. You’ll notice in 2015 that more of your favorite restaurants and grocery stores will offer ‘free range’, ‘grass fed’, and ‘local’ produce and meats. In fact, in California it’s now law that any eggs sold in the state have to come from chickens that are humanely housed. This means that they need to be caged in an area where they have ample room to spread their wings and move freely, and we can all agree that from happy, stress-free chickens, comes happy, and delicious, eggs.



Duck, duck, no…more duck!

Goose is out, so out, but duck is so very in! Though people will be reaching for the tried-and-true, comfort foods and familiar vegetables, it doesn’t mean it’s going to all be boring. Duck is the new beef, in every possible dish. In order to break the monotony of chicken or beef for every meal, expect to find the rich, gamey taste of duck, whether roasted or steamed, as an offering on many menus this year.

One more?

When you have a perfect meal, a perfect drink is the way to complement it. And what we see happening in 2015 is the return of drinks that are supposed to be savored along with the dishes they’re served with. The Bloody Mary, which can be seen as a brunch in and of itself, is making a comeback, as are robust red wines and buttery chardonnays. Once just an accompaniment to a meal, drinks in 2015 are vying for center stage, and we’re not complaining.


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