5 Choice Airport Restaurants Every Traveler Should Visit

With every new destination comes new experiences, but what about the ones you can have along the way? Many major airports are sprouting classy restaurants with tastes that represent the region, or menus that are too bizarre to miss. Here are 5 unique restaurants that you should keep an eye out for on your next layover.


Plane Food—Heathrow Airport, London, UK
You’ve probably heard of the head chef, Gordon Ramsay. Plane Food is his first airport restaurant, offering a variety of dishes from salads and risotto to really high dollar items like pork belly and cod ceviche. The restaurant serves around 20,000 people per month, and offers a lot of convenient quick dishes for those rushing to their next connection. That said, the manager does still recommend that you make reservations. Airport restaurants are clear skies ahead!

Typhoon—Santa Monica Municipal Airport, CA, USA
Santa Monica may not be a common layover for international travelers, but if you’re looking for a very international taste with an interesting twist, then this is the restaurant for you. Typhoon offers a largely East Asian menu, especially Singaporean and Thai staples. They also have an extensive sushi menu, great Happy Hour, and live entertainment every weekend. For the more adventurous diners, they also offer a few insect dishes (common foods for authentic Thai dining), and frog legs.

Globe—Vancouver International Airport, BC, CA
I’ll admit, this one may come from my bias towards food and wine from the Pacific Northwest, but I’m not the only one applauding Globe’s focus on these local offerings. They boast a seasonal menu based on locally harvested seafood and game as well as delicious club house sandwiches for lunch. They pride themselves on their use of natural ingredients and are members of the Ocean Wise Program. Their wine selection boasts offerings form around the world, as well as from British Colombia’s own Okanagen valley, famous for their grapes. This really is one of the best airport restaurants.

Hung’s Delicacies—Hong Kong International Airport, HK
Hung’s Delicacies offers a special style of food called “Lou Seoi,” a type of Chiu Chow food. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, the restaurant serves mainly braised goose and tofu, as well as more interesting meats, such as duck’s tongue in Chinese liquor and pork intestine. The place looks more like a McDonald’s walkup than a famous restaurant, but Hung’s Delicacies has actually received three Michelin Star Awards. Their handmade Chili Sauce is the perfect souvenir for the family back home (or so they say).


Taste of Prime Tavern—La Guardia Airport, New York, NY, USA
This steak house was started by chef Michael Lomonaco, as seen on TV. He offers some of the finest dry-aged cuts with your choice of sauce (California Cabernet, Argentinean Chimichurri, Bourbon & Peppercorn Cream), and excellent burgers. For those less interested in red meat, there are various soups and salads suitable for vegetarians, as well as seafood options such as Manhattan clam chowder, crab cakes, and jumbo shrimp scampi. The best part is the custom beer list, full of local selections chosen by Garrett Oliver, the brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery. Airport restaurants can be quite satisfying.


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