5 Kitchen Hacks That Will Save Your Life

I love finding new kitchen hacks. There are all kinds of creative things you can do around the kitchen that make everyday actions a heck of a lot easier, and sometimes a lot cooler, too! These kinds of hacks are especially cool if you can avoid buying more items to stuff into your drawers; anytime we can save some money it’s a win, am I right?!

So, I’ve been doing some looking, and I found 5 new kitchen hacks that I hadn’t come across before. I even learned one of them from a friend recently, who was happy to show off her grand idea and I promised I’d add it to the list. If you want to make your kitchen chores easier this fall, check out these 5 kitchen hacks that will save your life. (That’s dramatic, but they will make things a lot easier!)

  1. Freeze the Cheese

Not only does it sound really cool, but freezing your cheese can actually make things a lot easier when it comes to the softer delicacies in your fridge. I recently had a block of Havarti in my fridge, and I had one heck of a time grating it into my meals. (I ended up breaking off chunks, but this often gave me more than I wanted.)

This is where my friend’s ingenious move made all the difference. She told me to put my softer cheeses in the freezer about half an hour before using them. In doing so, the cheese was a little bit harder to the touch, and worked like a dream on my cheese grater! With this hack, you don’t have to settle for a harder option- use allll of the soft cheeses. Just freeze ‘em first!1013aid3748622-v4-728px-Freeze-Cheese-Step-9

  1. DIY Tool Covers

 I’m for anything DIY, but I can’t help but notice a lot of “DIY” projects require a lot of items I don’t have, or they require a lot of time. In the case of this kitchen hack, I had almost all of the things I needed right at home and it was the easiest DIY I’ve ever done. Seriously, it takes two seconds!

This kitchen project was created to help you cover up all of the sharp or blunt tools you have rolling around in your drawers. These are often items like skewers, scissors, knives, etc. To cover them up, find things from around the house that are made from softer materials, such as Styrofoam fillers, Play-doh and corks. Use these items to cover the sharp tips of the objects, and easily re-place them when necessary. For larger items like scissors and knives, slide an empty paper towel roll over top so kids aren’t reaching in unprotected.1013tumblr_inline_nrv5i9uzWt1sasl40_500

  1. Elastic Jar Opener

If you’re having a hard time opening your jars, don’t head to the store for an overpriced jar opener. Instead, find a spare elastic from around the house, and wrap that around the lid. Twist it with your dishtowel and voila!

  1. Ziploc Bag Trick

My mom is the queen of Ziploc bags hacks. She cuts their corners for all kinds of things, and it’s an easy DIY option that means you’re not spending money on products you’re not going to use again.

For this hack, simply cut a small corner from a Ziploc bag and feed your items through it to keep things clean and simple. This is ideal for icing a cake, but it’s also great for strings, ribbons and twine. With this kitchen hack you can keep all of your items organized in their own bags, and slowly feed them through the small hole at the length you need. This also helps to keep things like twine clean in the kitchen when you’re tying chicken legs or decorating something.1013l65cedfd17bd7929c51fc19e5483916ea--love-cupcakes-white-cupcakes

  1. Cooking Oil Protector

If you’re planning on using some spicier items in the kitchen tonight, then a cooking oil protector will be ideal for protection. Avoid getting juice on your hands, in your cuts and in your eyes by spraying some cooking oil on your hands right before cutting. This way, you’ll be able to avoid that burn that so often pops up once we forget what we’ve been cutting!


Try some of these kitchen hacks today to make your meal-making easier and safer! Heading into your well-hacked kitchen for a snack? Try making these pumpkin-spice date energy balls to get into the autumn spirit! What kinds of recipes do you love making in the fall? We’d love to get some ideas for our own tables! Comment below!

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