6 Easy, Delicious Meals for Campfires


If you’re looking for some super easy meals to bring with you to your campsite, then we’ve got some options for you! These meals are super easy to transport to your site and they’re just as easy to make! Some take a little bit of preparation, but they’re great for groups and can make you feel like you’re right at home.


Check out these 6 easy meals that are perfect for a few nights under the stars:


  1. Morning Pancakes


Don’t worry, you aren’t going to have to pack all of your mixing bowls and spoons for this one. Plan ahead for this meal and pour the batter mix into a tight Ziploc bag. You can freeze it for the ride and let it thaw for a delicious morning meal!

Cut one tip of the bag and pour perfect pancakes over your fire- don’t forget the syrup and whipped cream for an even fancier campsite delicacy!



  1. Veggie-packed Omelets


If pancakes aren’t your thing, it’s all good! You can also use Ziploc bags to create delicious omelets in the morning. Pre-mix your omelets with your favorite ingredients like onions and peppers and freeze them flat.image


Boil some water in the morning and drop in the bags for 10-12 minutes or until fully cooked. Pour them out onto a plate, add some salt and pepper and dig in!image


  1. Mac n’ Cheese Casserole


Craving some mac n’ cheese? Who doesn’t?! This is a super simple macaroni recipe that you can pretty much change up to your liking- no matter how you put it it’s guaranteed to be a favorite!

Boil some elbow macaroni in salt water, then drain, rinse and allow it to cool. Mix in some pre-made alfredo or four cheese sauce and your favorite shredded cheese flavors. (This is the part where you mix in your favorites- chili peppers, bacon bits, etc.)image


Using a large aluminum foil pan, pour the mac n’ cheese mixture in and cover it with tin foil. This is best cooked with very hot coals, so make sure you have a low-sitting grill for the tinfoil to sit on above the coals. Dig in!image


  1. Veggie Stir Fry


Not everyone is into meat, so this is a great option if you have any vegetarians on-site. You can prep any vegetables you may want like broccoli, peppers and mushrooms at home, and bring along a cast iron pan to fry them over the fire.

Boil some pasta over the fire and add it to your grilled vegetables when they’re done. The best thing about this dish is that if you have too much at the end you can just toss the veggies into a bag and save them for morning omelets (it’s all about efficiency, people!)



  1. Foot-Long Super Sandwich


When lunchtime comes around and the crew is hungry they’ll be thanking you for this delicious meal. All you need is a thick loaf of bread, cheese, onions and roast beef and you’re on your way to a mouth-watering cheesesteak sandwich.

When you slice the bread, make sure not to cut all the way down. Leave some space at the bottom and fill the sandwich with your favorite cheesesteak toppings (we suggest cheese). Wrap the sandwich in tinfoil and let it cook up on the hot coals for a midday meal that no one will be able to resist!image


  1. Apple Cinnamon Surprise


Just because you’re roughin’ it doesn’t mean you can’t have some of the finer delicacies in life. We’re all for some delicious dessert after a long day, and this one is sure to hit the spot! All you have to do is pack a bag of McIntosh apples on your trip, along with some butter, sugar and cinnamon.

Place each apple on an individual piece of tinfoil and slice them into 8 pieces almost to the bottom. Add in some butter and sprinkle as much cinnamon and sugar as you’d like. (We don’t  judge here at T&B). Wrap the apples up and place them on the hot coals for 5 minutes or until the butter is fully melted and the apple slices are semi-soft.

You can either pull out pieces and eat them as-is or you can serve them with some vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. So good!image



Don’t let the campfire fool you- you’ve got tons of options when it comes to camping! If you’re planning to make a lot of your own meals, just be sure to bring along a high-performance cooler that will keep all of your foods cold and fresh until you need them.


What are your favorite go-to camping meals? We’d love to try some more this summer!


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