A Mac and Cheese Bar You Won’t Want to Miss

The words “mac and cheese bar” got you here, didn’t they? How can one see the words “mac and cheese bar” and not stop for a second to take a gander? It’s a mac and cheese bar, people! And not just any mac and cheese. No no, we’re talking all kinds.

So, if you want to know more, then keep on reading! And if you don’t, then perhaps an article about an Everything Bagel Pizza with Smoked Salmon is more your style. We accept all foodie preferences!

Back to our topic of choice: A Mac and Cheese bar. You might be wondering, where is said bar, what kinds of options are in said bar and when can I get in on the action!? All wonderful questions.1117d69f0cda4d7f6ac3d536571832d0c2ea

Whole Foods Loves Food

If you’ve ever shopped at Whole Foods, then you probably know that they’re not your average grocery store. In the last little while, Whole Foods has been upping the ante on their fresh foods and buffet options, trying to approach a more kitchen-savvy style instead of a restaurant style grocer.

In Manhattan, the Whole Foods shop has what they call a “produce butcher”, and a few different locations are showing off mochi bars. If you’re not even sure what a mochi is, it is often described as a marshmallow-textured rice paste from Japan. Whole Foods is using the paste in small, ball shapes that are filled with ice cream and chilled.

The changes are separating Whole Foods from the rest of the pack, but the new mac and cheese bar is what is really catching our eyes.

Mac and Cheese Bar, Please!1117thumbnail

For $9.99/lb., you can load up on all of the macaroni and cheese your little heart desires. However, you’ll have to make your way to the Union Station location in Denver Colorado to see it in all its glory. (We’re still debating whether it’s worth the road trip?)

While we patiently wait for Whole Foods closer to home to get it together and do the same, we’re hearing all kinds of delicious things from the Colorado location. You won’t just find regular mac and cheese there…you’ll also be able to choose from delicious variations like roasted tomato mac and cheese, BBQ pulled pork mac and cheese and even a vegan option!

As if that wasn’t holy and wonderful enough, the same location is also rolling out a ridiculous 100-pound tower of cheese, which is hand cut to order. (Would we have it any other way?) The same location will also offer a poke bar and three restaurants, so it’s safe to say Denver, Colorado just gained a new hot spot for tourists.


Do you shop at your local Whole Foods? How many pounds of macaroni and cheese could you eat in a sitting? Would your entire paycheck go to the cheese tower if you worked there? SO many questions. Comment below!



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