Best Food Gifts for Father’s Day Your Dad Will Love

No one said you had to be the smartest shopper, but when it comes time to find something perfect for your old man, a little bit of thought can go a long way. It might be a little bit easier when it comes to choosing a gift for dear old mom, but we’ve got to admit that it gets trickier when it comes to finding something that won’t make dad frown.

If you’ll be celebrating Father’s Day this year, do not panic and do not leave this until the last minute. Seriously, we’re warning you. The stink-eye you’ll get from your dad (who knows everything) will likely blow your bicycle-print socks off. So, plan ahead with these best food gifts for Father’s Day that your dad will love.

Himalayan Salt Block 

If your dad is one of those guys who loves his meat and his barbecue, then a salt block might be just the gift for him. Don’t be unsure about its pink façade; this thing is meant to add some serious flavor to all kinds of dishes and he’s going to love it.

A salt block can usually be found for a reasonable price (about $40) in a variety of locations, so you know you’ll be able to actually find one and you won’t have to break the bank. Use it to bring out the flavors of all kinds of dishes like steak and vegetables and use it as a serving platter to add some color to the table as well (This way mom approves, too).

Unique Barbecue Sauces519sol4

Nothing says “let’s do dinner” like a handful of unique sauces for dad to play around with. Head to your local market or specialty shop and start looking for bottles with cool labels, faraway homes and unique ingredients. Even if the flavor doesn’t get him going for his corn on the cob, it’s likely to be a hit with something else in the future.

Try to find options that have ingredients he loves like hot sauce, pale ales, honey and other interesting flavors.

A Cookbook for Men

Let’s be serious, lots of men love to cook just as much as women (if not more!) and they shouldn’t feel like they’re not allowed to be in the kitchen. (They can be wherever they want to be!) With that said, think about getting pops a cookbook that speaks his language; maybe it’s all about the barbecue, maybe it’s got lots of pictures or maybe is an easy-to-follow book for beginners. Whatever it is, gear it towards types of foods that he likes so he’s more inclined to give it a shot.

Wine Carrier

Forget having your parents carry around LCBO bags- no, no…that just won’t do. They’re not in university anymore! Style your dad up with a fashionable wine carrying bag that’s perfect for keeping their bottles safe during transportation. This is also ideal for picnics, baseball tournaments and other events where they need something to keep their bottles cool and safe.519l2

Backpack Cooler

If your dad is the outdoorsy type, then a backpack cooler is an absolute must! Regular coolers can be super hard to carry and are often very awkward. These coolers are super easy to pack, really spacious and easier for those individuals who are climbing or traveling long distances from their cars. Grab a backpack cooler for camping, for road tripping or any other fun thing you’ve got planned, and your dad can keep drinks, food, phones and other items cold and protected. Super handy and comfortable= win-win.


What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day? Have any great suggestions for us? If you’re planning a nice meal or brunch, be sure to check out this super easy brunch recipe that dad will drool over!

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