Best Foods to Eat After a Jog

With the spring season on its way, it’s likely that you’ve noticed the surplus of runners finally hitting the streets and sidewalks again. It’s true—the runners are finally coming out of treadmill hibernation to enjoy the crisp, fresh air of spring! (Can you tell I’m in Canada? Oh yes, it is very crisp in my town still. It’s -10 crisp, in fact.)

Aside from who is enjoying what weather where, it remains that joggers are back out on their regimes and it’s time to get ready for that summer bod. You might be pounding the pavement when it comes to exercise, but did you know that your diet has more to do with your body shape than anything else? It’s true! So even if you skipped the gym today, making sure you are eating healthy can be just as beneficial to your bikini bod, if not more. (You’re welcome.)

Eating the right foods can help your body to recover more quickly and perform the way you want it to. The right foods will also replenish your glycogen levels and repairs muscles. Ready to hit the road yourself? To help you get into the swing of things with spring, here are some of the best foods to eat after a jog:

Potatoes, Pasta & Bread

Yes, you read that right. These kinds of foods are ideal for eating after a long and strenuous run, because they are high-glycemic foods that can be easily broken down and used as fuel. If you want, you can always adopt gluten-free or whole wheat pastas as your post meal, but be sure to also pair them with a protein to create a balanced meal.


Eggs, Fish, Chicken

Proteins are very important for exercise, and whether you’re swimming, running or weight lifting, having some protein intake after a workout is important. Protein helps to speed up the repair of muscles, especially after a hard workout that requires fast recovery.

Protein can be found in all kinds of foods, but if you’re looking for something to complete your meal of pasta or potatoes, then consider having some sort of fish, chicken or eggs. Other foods that are great after a jog include protein shakes, bananas, Greek yogurt and nuts.

Oftentimes, athletes who do not get the proper amount of protein after a workout feel fatigued for a long time thereafter. Even if you don’t have much time, a protein shake can be just as effective and just as delicious as a full meal.various protein sources



 If you’re not someone who enjoys eating right after a workout, it’s still important to remember to hydrate. For most, water is a no-brainer, but for those runners who still want to get their protein intake, many suggest having a big glass of chocolate milk.

Interested? Milk is 90% water, and chocolate milk is said to have a great pairing of a carbs-to-protein ratio. Not only that, but who can deny a giant glass of chocolate milk as a reward after running?324Reese

If you’re going to be starting your running regime soon, make sure to embrace a diet that will put the right nutrients and vitamins back into your body. Even if you’re a great runner, you won’t see the results you’re looking for without giving your body what it needs to recover. Have you been sticking to an awesome exercise plan all week? Maybe it’s time to treat yourself.






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