Bobby and Jamie Deen Are Filming a New Food Network Show; ‘Southern Fried Road Trip’!

If you’re into food, you’re probably familiar with the Food Network and the shows it features such as Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Pioneer Woman.  There’s never a surfeit of great shows, and they’d be just fine leaving the line-up as-is. Lucky for us, they’ll do no such thing!  Bobby and Jamie Deen (the sons of the oft-vilified Paula Deen) are quietly filming a new series that they’ll talk about/not talk about when approached by journalists.

Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia and learning their trade in a traditional Southern kitchen, both the Deen brothers have a soft spot in their heart for home. Their newest show will be called ‘Southern Fried Road Trip’ and it will feature the two brothers “in search of the best local foods” in the South. The show will focus on them “experiencing their childhood memories through food.” (source)

2000px-Food_Network_svgBesides the “awwww, cute!” factor, I think this is going to be one of the better new show offerings that the Food Network will launch later this year. This is mainly because they’ll be bringing an entire new human factor into the places they visit. For example, they’ll visit C.F. Penn Hamburgers in Decatur, Georgia where they’ll sit down with some of the regulars and ask them for stories they may have about the diner and what it means to them.

I think this human element is going to be one of the things that’ll make this show appeal to viewers outside of the South.  Even if you’re posted on a couch somewhere in Northern California and have never heard of places like C.F. Penn Hamburgers or the Blue Plate Café, you more than likely have a story that revolves around a favorite eatery or dive bar you frequent.

Case in point: way back in the ‘before’ time (before the wedding, before the kids) my husband and I loved to take a break between classes and go grab some ice cream at Foster’s Freeze.  We were just classmates at the time, and when he picked up his order, he handed me a cone.  “Here, I got you some ice cream” he had said, to which I replied, “Uh oh! You know this is serious! It means you’re my boyfriend now!” followed by me laughing, him blushing…and then our first kiss! And so, Foster’s Freeze has a special meaning for us, beyond the Reese’s Twister and vanilla cones.

road-trip-car-new-plate-ad56c72a0e1dac4993fb06c1ee959cdcSure, we all have memories like this, but going even further back, the Deen brothers are ready to pull on the heartstrings even more by bringing in childhood memories of the food they grew up eating.  Far beyond memorable dates or remembered conversations, I don’t know of one single person whose face doesn’t light up when you ask them to describe their favorite dish from when they were little. This is the magic; they’re going to ditch everything we adults equate with food now that we have to (waistlines, calories, gluten free, fat free, etc.) and they’re going to search out the places that can best replicate the tastes they remember from their youth.  I can imagine an enjoyable romp through the South indulging on all those treats kids love: hush puppies, pecan pie, moon pies, catfish, sweet potatoes…the list is endless! I may have been born and raised in California, but my mouth is watering just reading this lineup of tasty treats.

Even more, I’m anticipating hearing all the happy memories they share about them. I’m a sucker for a big slice of pie, and even bigger stories!

The cherry on top for this show is the fact that it’s being hosted by the Deen brothers as a team; they’re both chefs who grew up in the same kitchen eating the same Southern dishes.  The viewers will get a glimpse into how two siblings can have very different memories of the same repast, as well as get an inside view into some of the best restaurants in the South.  I’m looking forward to this upcoming Food Network offering to shine a new light on what ‘Southern Fried’ really means!


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