Breakfast needs a well-deserved hug.

It’s no surprise that our early morning meals don’t have quite as many fans as their afternoon counterparts. Unfortunately, that extra ten or fifteen minutes of sleep sometimes seems more enticing than getting in a meal that we don’t feel like eating anyways. However, breakfast has always been a very important meal, initiating your bodily functions and giving you the energy you need to start your day. Instead of dreading that dry piece of toast or settling for a heavy bagel from the local café, consider some of these light breakfast meals that you can make in a snap.

Hint: Have a big glass of water as soon as you wake up, so your insides have a chance to wake up as well. This will stir up the contents of your stomach and give you that hungry feeling you may be lacking.

Greek Yogurt

If you have five minutes to scroll on your phone in the morning, then you have five minutes to have a yogurt. Go Greek; the health benefits are awesome, and there are so many flavors that you’ll definitely find one you like. If you’re against the fruit bottom, choose vanilla or plain. Coconut is also delicious and tastes like a Pina colada. Greek yogurt is packed with protein, which is essential for good health and fighting off illness.

It also adds probiotics to your system, which help in keeping your digestive system in check. Other benefits include a great source of calcium, vitaminB12 and potassium. If you have that extra thirty seconds, throw in some fresh fruit and granola; parfaits can be expensive at stores, but making your own is easy and a definite money-saver.


For those who are in a rush, oatmeal might seem too time-consuming, or they settle for sugar filled instant-oatmeal. While you’re on the right track, choosing plain instant oatmeal is much better for you than the flavored kinds, and you can sweeten it up with honey, fruit, or a dash of cinnamon. Oatmeal is a very preventative addition to your diet; it helps to prevent high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and many more illnesses. If you have a microwave at work, leave some of your instant packages at the office. That way, even if you really don’t have time, you can get in the good stuff when you sit down.


Get in some important vitamins by throwing down a banana at breakfast. If you’re late, this is always a super easy option, and it gbanana_PNG814ets you out of the excuse that you had no time. Bananas are a great source of resistant starch, a healthy carb which helps you to feel fuller after consumption. (Try having one of these on your way to work, before you decide that you need to stop for an unhealthy pick-me-up.) Bananas are also a great source of protein and calcium, along with a plethora of other important vitamins. The yellow fruit can also aid in lowering blood pressure, protect against heart attack and stroke, and also aids in digestion.

If your only problem in the morning is that you don’t want to eat yet, blend a full banana with your favorite fruits (blueberries and raspberries are great), milk, Greek yogurt and chia seeds. Bring the shake to work with you and enjoy it there.

Whole Wheat

Sometimes the only thing you can stomach in the morning is a classic piece of toast. If you’re going to go with carbs as your starter, be sure to make them good carbs! If you can, get in some good portions of fiber from whole wheat breads and English muffins you will be helping your body with digestion, as well as helping prevent heart disease.

Hint: Make sure to try out almond butter as a spread instead of empty butter or sugary jam.

roasted-almond-butterWe know, we know, the world is full of clashing health advice and confusing numbers. Yet even if you aren’t totally sold on some of the advice you hear, it’s very clear that in the health world, breakfast is actually quite a popular dude. Even if you start slow and choose one of these foods, remembering to get something in your stomach when you wake up might surprise you with its benefits. Each of these breakfast foods are super quick and easy- eat them while you scroll twitter, check your emails, or ride the subway.

Ultimately you’re helping yourself to avoid those late-morning cravings and save some money as well. Ahh, the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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