Charcoal Food is the New and Improved Black

The latest and greatest in food trends has a few of us scratching our heads in confusion. It’s much like the reaction I had to my discussion about the burnt pizza trend. (Which has a similar approach to food, but still seems even more confusing than this new one. I still need someone to explain to me why burnt pizza was ever a thing?)

Anyways, you might have heard about this latest trend from seeing food pics on Instagram or…yeah mostly just seeing food pics on Instagram. As opposed to the other popular food trend of everything being covered in bright stripes and unicorn glitter, this food trend heads in the total opposite direction. It’s like the dark, secretive cousin of the unicorn food trend and its name is charcoal.

Some Charcoal for Your Smoothie? 

My initial reaction to the charcoal food trend was ‘What? That’s gross, no?” I mean, doesn’t it looks kind of disgusting when your food is all black? All I picture is a date gone wrong when someone’s entire mouth ends up being completely black for the rest of the night. So why are people raving about ityou-should-be-adding-charcoal-your-food-heres-why.w1456

The Look

No surprise here that the initial factor that makes charcoal food so “cool” is that it looks neat in photos. I guess? From black smoothies to all-black ice cream cones and burgers, there’s just something about sharing a photo of entirely black food item that’s getting allll the likes.

The be fair, it’s different, and it started out as something pretty unique. It had me researching it, so it did its job. But what does it actually taste like? A burnt marshmallow? I did some digging to find out.

Hints of Charcoal  

From what I’ve gathered, charcoal lends a smoky flavor to its dishes, as well as an earthy tone that I imagine tastes like dirt. But hey, I haven’t tried any of these delicacies yet so I’m going to try and keep an open mind. To be honest it seems that the food trend itself is already puttering out a bit, so perhaps it looks cool, but isn’t worth the purchase if you’re actually hungry?charcoal-ice-cream--1497432740

The Unsolved Benefits

Aside from being put into our food, this charcoal stuff is also making waves in the health and nutrition fields as well. YouTubers are showing off how white their teeth apparently get when they brush with charcoal, while others are screaming in pain as their charcoal face mask rips off their skin.

The magnetic properties of charcoal are said to pull out toxins and help to detoxify the body, but in what ways it’s most beneficial has not been made very clear.

Trying to find out if this stuff is actually good for you or not makes me feel like I’m chasing my tail. One nutritionist says there is no clear evidence to say that charcoal has health benefits, while another professor said it will only work to clean out the gut. Wellness advocates preach about charcoal’s benefits in their creams, toothpastes and pills, while others simply want a photo of a black ice cream cone.


It’s a confusing world sometimes, people. Can someone please enlighten me about any of these things?!

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