Crunch Your Way to Health With These Hearty Snacks


There’s something about food that you can crunch in the mouth that is satisfying but unfortunately many such – especially the traditional potato chips we are so fond of – are heavy in salt, and far from healthy. It is a worrying statistic that an American eats, on average, almost 100 packets of potato chips a day, which amounts to a lot of salt intake. The market has, however, seen a marked move towards more healthy options, and many are interesting and enjoyable alternatives to the traditional choice. Nutrients abound in some of the choices that are catching on, so what can you expect to find with the new fad?


With many people suffering from various reactions to gluten in foodstuff – and it’s everywhere, after all – there is always a call for something gluten free, and among the most popular products of the moment is the rice cracker. Originating in Japan, and extremely tasty, these are made from brown rice and come in a variety of flavors, yet are low in fat and sodium as well as being light on cholesterol – a good choice for any meal or just for healthy crunchy snacks.


More from Japan

It’s an accepted fact that the Eastern diet is a far more healthy one than that of us Westerners, and another intriguing and enjoyable crunchy snack is Nori, otherwise known as edible seaweed. While it may not sound like the most appetizing of food, bear in mind that it contains a wealth of vitamins – indeed all from A to E plus K – and is mineral rich also. Furthermore, the fact it is easy to grow in sustainable farms makes it a wise choice in many more ways, and rest assured that in the form of seaweed chips, as it is widely sold, Nori is a very tasty bite.

Lentils and chickpeas – the old favorites

Two of the bean and pulse family, the lentil and the chickpea, have long been favored as crunchy food, but are often seen as the domain of those who are green-obsessed. In fact, there are few more versatile crunchy snacks than lentil chips; these are made from the lentil and are widely sold in a variety of flavors, but the best way is to have them natural and add your own dip, herbs and spices for a great, healthy and fat free snack.

Chickpeas are similarly growing in popularity, especially in the delicious roasted form. Rather than coming as chips, as in the lentil option above, they are what it says on the packet – roasted chickpeas – and they are very much recommended as part of a healthy diet. Rich in fiber, low in fat and also said to be excellent for a healthy heart, chickpeas make a great adornment for a salad or simply as a snack on their own.

Healthy eating may be common sense but in many ways it is a phrase that has connotations of boredom; with the above choices, a crunchy snack need not be an unhealthy one. Which of these snacks have you tried or would like to? Please let us know in the comments section below!




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