Deconstructed Tuna Melt and Veggie Hash

I eat a lot of, what I consider, deconstructed food. Usually, it’s a way for me to cut out bread or bread like things (i.e. tortilla wraps). Not that I don’t love 1025bread-534574_1920bread because I do (not as much as Oprah, tho), but sometimes I just can’t with it. I also eat an inordinate amount of veggie hash (I am working towards a goal of eating my weight in zucchini), and it was only a matter of time until I combined my love of deconstructed food with veggie hash.

God, six-year old me just full on gut kicked me for becoming and adult and eating gross things like zucchini …

What do I mean when I say “deconstructed” – pretty much what it sounds like: I dismantled a thing and am eating the sum of its parts, not its whole (somewhere Aristotle is side-eyeing me). Basically I am taking all the yummy bits of a dish – in this case a sandwich – and putting it over either a grain (I am OBSESSED with farro, the gal at Trader Joe’s asked me why I was buying so much of it … uh, I eat it?) or a veggie hash – or a mix of the two, because a girl’s got to have choices.

SIDEBAR: Did you know there will be Girl Scout Cookie CEREAL? I’m serious, General Mills confirmed that it’s coming to stores in 2017 and I am hardcore Kermit flailing over it.

SECOND SIDEBAR: Are you all watching Timeless on NBC? I am simply in love with it. I like that there are layers to the show – there’s the current problem (where they time travel to), what changes about the current timeline, plus trying to stop the “bad guy” from his mission to … not exactly sure what he’s up to, but it’s not good (in theory). Basically if you like time travel stories, WATCH THIS SHOW. Plus, it’s pretty witty. And if I still haven’t convinced you, I have two words for you: GORAN VISNJIC.

Deconstructed Tuna Melt and Veggie Hash


1 can albacore tuna packed in water, drained
1 TBSP mayonnaise of choice
1 – 2 TBSP chopped dill pickles
2/3 cup chopped zucchini
3 ounces pre-cooked sweet potatoes, chopped
½ ounce sundried tomatoes, chopped
¾ ounce cheddar cheese (I use a Tillamoo), chopped or shredded
onion salt
garlic powder


Mix together tuna, mayo, and pickles. Set aside.

Sauté zucchini, pre-cooked sweet potatoes, and sundried tomatoes in EVOO over a medium-high heat; season with onion salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

Once veggies have cooked, sprinkle them with cheese and cover to melt.

Spoon veggies into a bowl and add tuna salad mix.

Dig in.

What dishes do you deconstruct when making? If you’ve never tried it, would you?


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