End of Summer Cocktail: Yes Way, Rośe!

Gin. Strawberry-lemon shrub. Rośe. Bitters. Looking at it, it doesn’t seem like much. Four ingredients. But it’s delightfully pink, packs a wallop, and is deliciously light which basically means it’s the perfect end of summer cocktail.

This cocktail took me a bit of time to suss … it was my first time playing with bitters (and boy oh boy do they live up to their name). I had the OG version of this cocktail last February while on holiday with friends. It was DELICIOUS and if there’s anything I’ve learned when trying to recreate delicious things I’ve had while out and about from memory is they will never – NEVER, I SAY – live up to the memory. That being said, this cocktail is still every bit as delicious as the sinfully pink color promises.

Now that you’ve got an open bottle of rośe don’t forget to make Frośepops (they are SO worth the effort) for the long weekend coming up. Seriously, every adult at your BBQ will thank you.516untitled

Note: I seriously hope you have some champagne coupes because they are far superior to flutes AND can be used for fun cocktails such as this. I have a set (my great grandmother is harrumphing and saying, rather resolutely, that they are sherbet glasses) that are delicate and old and dear because my Midwestern roots are strong and we hold on to things from generations past like none-other. However, if you don’t have any coupes and are in the market LET ME POINT YOU TO IKEA. Seriously, they’re adorable and deliciously simple in design.

Second Note: making the cold shrub requires some time (and is by FAR the better way to make it as the fruity flavor translates across better), so if you want this cocktail for the weekend start making your shrub now (follow the link for directions).

if you want to see some deliriously mouthwatering cocktails you should follow Paula Garner on Twitter (she also happens to be the author of the AMAZING YA novel Phantom Limbs … which, do yourself a favor and freaking READ THIS BOOK. After you’ve read it come find me on Twitter so we can gush). She mixes up delicious drinks and takes gorgeous photos of them (sometimes featuring a creature or two).

Yes Way Rośe


1 measure gin
2-3 TBSP strawberry-lemon shrub
1 measure rośe
1-4 drops of bitters (I used Peychaud’s)

lemon peel curl for garnish


Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker, add a few ice cubes and shake until the shaker is frosted/cold to the touch (will NOT take long). Pour out into a chilled champagne coupe and garish with a lemon peel curl.


What is your go-to end of summer cocktail?


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