Food Trends for 2017

So, it’s safe to say that I’m on the New Year trend. By this, I mean that I love talking about all of the things that people are doing/eating/loving in 2017, and all of the things that said SEE YA in 2016. Last year was definitely the year for mason jar meals, protein shakes and the donut. (I talk about donuts a lot. Do you mind?)

Anyways, here we are in 2017 and I’m interested in the foods that are going to be having their day. So, let’s dive into the food trends people are talking about and you can let me know if you’re digging them or completely dodging them. Deal? Deal.

Veggie Chips

All I want to do is say “blah” to this, but I honestly can’t get over the deliciousness of crispy kale chips straight out of the oven. Not to mention any vegetable that’s perfectly cooked and doused in all the right spices. Seriously! Why eat chips when you can munch on something that’s just as smoky, spicy or garlicky and yet it’s a vegetable. My mom simply cannot get mad at me when she finds these things in my bed.

Not into the kale thing? No problem. We’ve also got beets, sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts…I could go on, guys.120tumblr_lxmdouiomc1qdei8m

Bean Pastas

I’m going to go ahead and say this is an acquired taste. My dad served bean pasta the other day that he got from a friend (the packaging was amazing, might I add) and I LOVED it. I thought it tasted so delicious. My mother on the other hand was so unhappy with the taste I thought she’d walk right out of the house. It’s a texture thing—it’s certainly not a smooth, soft noodle. It’s chewier and it’s thicker. You’ve been warned.120Southwestern-Black-Bean-Spaghetti-3

Creative Jerky

 If you’re not a meat-lover, you’ll probably skip right over this one, but for my Jerky lovers you’re in for a treat. Or are you? It seems more and more companies are heading towards more creative ways of serving this rough, chewy, salivating snack that comes in all kinds of flavors.

Look out for it this year in grass-fed options, lamb and even seafood jerky (Apparently, salmon is something you’ve got to try).120hqdefault


Now that I think about it, I’ve seen turmeric suggested for all kinds of things from recipes to health tips to beauty advice. It seems to be a jack-of-all-trades type of spice and its popularity in 2017 is only going to grow. Although not all of the effects of turmeric have been proven quite yet, it’s been said that its compounds can help with relieving arthritis, reducing Alzheimer’s, fighting cancer and helping with depression. Expect to see it in a lot more recipes, drinks and beauty tips this year.120turmeric-roots-and-a-jar-of-turmeric-powder

Grain Bowls

Though not new to 2017, grain bowls are still picking up speed and will surely be a popular choice for those looking for healthy options this year. They’re easy to make, they can be super colorful and they look so good in an Instagram photo.

Head to a delicious dive that sells lots of vegan and protein-heavy options and you’re sure to find a few grain bowls to satisfy your hunger, whilst still giving your body some great nutrients. This is probably the one I’m most excited about.120CORE_NEW_GRAINBOWL_PLN_OVHD_A_041715_lr


Looking at this list, I’ve got to say I’m pretty excited. Even though it’s fun to talk about donuts and cheeseburgers and all of the delicacies of indulgence, it’s also pretty cool to see how we’re moving towards healthier, more vibrant meals that are good for us.

Which of these food trends are you looking forward to enjoying this year? Comment below!

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