Food Trends of the Year We’re Loving!

There are always articles about the food trends coming up for the following year. You can never be too sure where the trends are coming from and sometimes you’re like- okay, but burgers are good forever and always so is that really a food trend this year?? I have to be honest, I think I legit already posted one of these sometime around January but the lists seem to have gone through some updates and I AM HAPPY, FOLKS.

As we get knee-deep into 2017, I decided to delve back into the depths of food that is supposed to be having its year and found some updated lists that are just a big, fat, juicy YES. I’m ready to check some of these off of my list and you should too. Shall we?




That’s a trend for 2017. Did you know that? Someone dropped that bomb in the middle of June and like how did we not think of this before? And I’m not talking about boring tacos with tomato and lettuce, I’m saying high-quality, colorful, flavorful suckers that take tacos to the next level. Fancy fricken tacos filled with avocado, braised beef, pineapples, coleslaw…there is just too much to talk about and TACOS.



Nope, can’t do it. We were doing soo well with the tacos thing! What the heck, mates? Okay, but being adventurous is cool and I know for a fact that if I was traveling to beautiful places around the world and we were offered a delicacy with legs, I’d still eat it. I’d be so so mad at myself, but I would not be a baby about it.

So, bugs I guess are a food trend this year. Which actually makes me proud that we’re exploring our options and trying to find other protein sources aside from the traditional red meat that’s giving us all the problems.

Zero Waste



I had to include this in the food trends for this year because it just makes me happy. We started using a food bin a few years ago and really utilizing our recycling bins and we probably take out the trash once every two weeks. And this is a small garbage bin, you guys.

So reading about how businesses and consumers are trying to make smarter choices about what their tossing is a great sign that were in the right direction.

Sea Veggies 


A sushi-lover at heart, I am totally down for a rise in what people are referring to as sea veggies. A lot of the chefs working with these menus are playing with vegetarian and vegan dishes, and anything that lowers the intake of red meat protein is a big thumbs up.

Not to mention, a lot of the seafood we already eat tastes amazing with cooked veggies, in salads and other healthy dishes. If you’re looking for some food trends that are delicious and healthy, consider some sea veggies hmm? Find them in the international section of your grocery store.

Sushi, tacos, bugs and zero waste? Sounds like a good night to me! What kinds of foods have you been experimenting with this year?


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