The Foodini: Would you Print your Palette?

A while back I talked about the technology behind 3D printing; the process of layering materials to build 3D figures out of things like rubbers, metals and of course paper. (If you haven’t read it, go check it out!) Within the article I briefly mentioned the idea of using the 3D printer to create food, and recent tech news has brought me back to this super tasty idea.

911kintc04fi2wypvnmitmbSo what is it?

It’s called the Foodini, and it’s a 3D food printer created by Natural Machines.  It was built with the goal to make cooking quicker and easier for anyone to prepare, and it promotes an improved lifestyle by creating healthy meals in a snap. (“McDonalds was faster” is no longer an acceptable answer).

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The Foodini connects to the internet, and is built with a touch screen on the front for easy use. Chefs only need to choose the meal they would like to make, and this mind-boggling machine will inform them what ingredients need to go in which capsule.

Of course once created, you also have the option of adding favorite toppings when the printing is complete; then it’s ready for baking, heating or consuming.

What are the Perks?


While some may be weary of this new technology, it goes without saying that chefs have complete power over what goes into their meals with this machine. With an open capsule model, the printer gives chefs the opportunity to be aware of how much of each ingredient they’re adding, which in turn helps chefs to make better decisions. Those who are trying to keep track of their ingredient quantities may find assurance in having the power to perform thorough measurements of each meal they have.


Do you ever wonder what you’re really buying at the grocery store? Who can even tell what every single ingredient on the label means, or how it affects your body? Instead of buying snacks for your family that you can only hope are as healthy as they claim, perhaps trying out the 3D printer will ease your mind. With the ability to choose your ingredients, the 3D printer offers the assurance that it won’t throw in substitutions or unknown fixings that you weren’t aware of.


Sure you’re craving homemade ravioli; but do you really want to take the time to make that? With the Foodini, chefs can insert the ingredients into the capsules and allow Foodini to take charge of the rest. Design your meals, make them fancy and let the food printer go to work. It saves time, it saves the effort and it saves you from making a ridiculous mess trying to make things like homemade ravioli.

Possible Downsides


The Foodini may be able to build your meals for you, but you are still responsible for getting together the ingredients and blending them for the capsules. In saying that, it seems that some meals would take less time to make by hand then by preparing the Foodini. For example, building pizzas from scratch seems much quicker to do by hand then having to put everything into their allotted capsules. Other meals like the handmade ravioli seem like more viable options for the printer.


At $1500 a pop, the Foodini is not a cheap date. However while the product is still not in stores, many have already put in their reservation for one of these printers; it seems curiosity is getting the better of many. (We’d like to hear all about it if you’ve reserved one!)911nm-burger-printer_vert-89adad8c02292194f52010a7a03b6fe19ab71de1


So what do we think?

Not to point out the obvious, but here at TechandBurgers we can’t resist a good food and technology love story. We’d love to hear more about the results with the product, and we cannot wait to start watching people’s videos while they create some wild meals with their food printers at home.

While pricey and still somewhat of a strange tech, we give a giant thumbs up to the strides the 3D printer has been making; keep an eye out for more updates as this tech bakes up some more ideas. (See what I did there).


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