Fried Pickles, Please!

I know what you burger lovers are probably thinking, gross. A pickle on it’s own is perfect. Stick to basics. Gerkin, Dill, sour or half sour, why change the norm? However, we’re in America! Everything should be fried and tested at least once in our lives. I too was a non-believer once. I saw the glass half empty and was utterly repulsed, like many others, when I saw Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi try one of these God-sends on my TV screen.

It wasn’t until soon after that I found the courage to go out on a limb and try one of these things for myself.


Buffalo Wild Wings; better known as BWW or BDubbs.


I had never before in my life stepped inside a BWW until I was about fifteen and craving wings with my mom. We sat down as we had to get used to all of the screaming sports fans and the semi-sticky table. We were presented with the menus and introduced to so many interesting items such as mini corn dogs, fried stuffed mushrooms, and then my mom noticed the Holy Grail: fried pickles.

Now, me being the terrible picky eater that I am, you could say I was more than reluctant to give up what I knew of a legitimate pickle for some fried interpretation of it. She, ignoring my decision to not partake in this endeavor, ordered it anyway. If she hadn’t ordered it anyways, well, she wouldn’t the mother that I’ve known and loved for almost twenty years now. So, we placed our orders and I was soon to be knocking on heavens door.

FRIED_PICKLES,_HONEYOur beautiful man of a waiter slowly yet rapidly approached our table not even eight minutes later with a little basket. I peered inside of it as I slowly lifted my head to my mom who was anxious to try them. They had a golden crisp outside, which left it to look inviting, as all fried foods do, and there was some strange orange colored sauce to the side. That sauce ladies and gentleman is a sauce that Buffalo Wild Wings does not sell in a bottle (I asked), it is your Southwestern Ranch sauce and boy is it delicious!

Eventually, as my mom was on her third mini fried pickle, in her own twisted way, she talked me into trying one. I will be forever indebted to her. I slowly picked up a pickle and dunked a small inch into the sauce. It was still that golden crisp, orange sauce, and green on the edges (the outer layer of the pickle). I steadied my nervous hand as I opened my mouth to the flutter of flavors that were about to arrive!

I could not be stopped! To be more like a child, I was just like Squidward in that episode of Spongebob Squarepants when he discovered his love for Krabby Patties. If I could have laid down in that fried pickle vault I absolutely would have. The taste was unbelievable. With the pop and crunch of the pickle and breading as you chew down on it, the amazing combinations of that sauce which was spicy yet cooling, you are in for a grand ride to food baby central.

Every time I walk inside Buffalo Wild Wings now, no matter how full I may be I always have room for some fried pickles!


Your own take on it:


A question you may be thinking, is Buffalo Wild Wings the only place to obtain such a delectable snack? Heck no! You can easily make them on your 799px-Pickleown with these few tricks. Now what you will need;

  1. Pickles (duh)
  2. Bread crumbs, you can either do plain or seasoned
  3. Vegetable oil
  4. Frying pan
  5. Mayonnaise
  6. Hot sauce


So, to start, take your pickles out of the jar. Now, if you got whole pickles, you will need to cut them up making sure they are in circles. Once you are done cutting them up, dab them dry with a paper towel. Next, you are going to take your breadcrumbs and begin to bread each pickle slice. Once those are all breaded, take out your frying pan place it onto your stovetop and turn the temperature up to about 5. Add your vegetable oil and leave it until it begins to simmer.

Picles_fritosThen, place your breaded pickles into the pan for about two-three minutes on each side. Once those are done frying leave them out to cool for a few minutes. In the mean time, take a small bowl or side dish and begin to prepare your dipping sauce. Take a few scoops of the mayonnaise and place it into the bowl. After that, add a few squirts of the hot sauce to the mayo. Stir the two together. It will soon have an orange to red coloring. Finally, you are ready for the feast!


Fried pickles have forever changed my life and my idea of snack foods altogether. It’s taught me to live life a little bit more dangerously and fry almost everything in my house. I mean hello, did you know that there’s such a thing as fried ice cream? I think that will be next on my list to try to whip up and taste. But, until that time comes fried pickles will forever be within the midst of my eating habits for along time to come. So enjoy, and above all pass the fried pickles please!


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