Health is the New Focus as England Begins Cutting Calories

Cutting calories might sound like a scary thought to some people, but we’re going to hit this sucker head-on anyways. In what I can only call the most obvious and glorious realization of all time, health officials in England have stated that people are eating too many calories, and it needs to stop.

Wow, guys. Wow wait, let me sit down for a second and let that sink in.

Eating too much? Too many calories? This is a big one guys. Let’s talk it out.818high-calorie-junk-food-300x221

Popular Foods Need Re-Invention 

All jokes aside, I am happy to share the latest news on this topic because honestly, it’s about time we started cutting calories. And it’s glaringly obvious that some of the most common foods we’re eating on a daily basis (burgers, steaks, pizzas) are all loaded with calories and doing none of us any good.

According to obesity statistics provided by Data.Gov.Uk, 27% of adults in the UK are obese and 36% are overweight. In other staggering statistics, 9% of children are obese by the time they are between 4 and 5 years old. Obviously, we’re taught from an early age that food is a good thing. And while that’s true, food can always be too much of a good thing if we’re not properly educated about it.818luntitled

What to do?

In an effort to reverse the problem, health officials in England are trying to improve the contents we find in our daily meals. At this time, adults in the UK are eating 200-300 extra calories per day than necessary, and the results are scary.

The notion hopes to see a reduction in the size of the portions people are served in restaurants and supermarkets, and that ingredients will be improved in both foods and drinks. Apparently, the idea is based on already-successful projects that fought to reduce the amount of sodium and sugar that was contained in food and drinks sold.

Now the focus will be on reducing the number of calories found in everyday food options, in order to give people a better chance of avoiding obesity and reversing their co-dependency on such high caloric intakes on a daily basis.818childhood-obesity

The goal is to tackle child obesity at a young age, giving kids the proper food portions no matter where they eat, and offering healthier options that are just as delicious. While it seems like a large undertaking, representatives are excited about the movements that have been made so far, and feel optimistic about the involvement of so many parties getting the ball rolling.


What kinds of tactics do you use to make smarter choices with your meals? Do you avoid certain places or have a few favorite spots for healthy options? We want to know about them!

Start your dinner off on the right foot tonight with a recipe for healthy tilapia! You’ll be cutting calories and still getting a delicious, filling meal. You’re welcome!

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