Home Remedies for the Common Cold

Some people say that there is no cure for the common cold; no matter how healthy you are, sooner or later you will start to feel that sore throat coming on and you know you’re already too late. Sometimes it passes quickly and other times it feels like you’re never going to taste anything delicious ever again.

While some will swear by all of the pills money can buy, there are quite a few home remedies that might strike your fancy as well. If you’re looking for answers in your own pantry, check out these home remedies for the common cold:


Garlic is supposed to be really good for your immune system, so it’s no surprise that this item makes the list. It has antibacterial properties that can rid you of cold symptoms, flush out harmful toxins and open up your respiratory passages (which sounds so amazing right now).

If you can’t eat garlic raw, you might choose to put a few drops of garlic oil into your drinks or food (which is a delicious win-win). You can also crush up a garlic clove and mix it with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, a large drizzle of honey and some cayenne pepper or chilli powder. It sounds weird, but trust us!


Lots of people utilize honey every day to help ward off sickness, but if you’re already feeling the onset of your cold you’ll definitely want this in your 224l0fea98c0df9b49071c0604034bef5648pantry! Honey can be very soothing to a sore throat, and it’s made up of lots of nutrients and enzymes that help to kill bacteria associated with colds.

One easy, go-to option (of which I’m enjoying right now) is a mug of hot water, a tablespoon of honey and ¼ lemon, squeezed. Not only does it feel good on sore throats, but it can also help to coat the area. A home remedy like this can be enjoyed as often as you’d like, so get drinking and try to incorporate it into your daily regime to discourage future common colds.

If you’ve got way too many lemons in your fridge already, here are a few ways to use lemons around the house.


Ginger has all kind of benefits that are helpful for treating illnesses, including anti-inflammatory, expectorant properties and antiviral properties. If you’d like you can simply eat ginger raw, drink ginger tea or add it into the honey beverage described above.

If you’d prefer to make a paste or spread, mix cloves, ginger and salt together and eat half a teaspoon each day.


This one might seem a little left field, but onions have actually been used for centuries! In the 1900’s they were used to successfully fight off the plague and they’ve been utilized to help cure coughs, fevers and flus for a very long time. While many people use them in a variety of ways to help cure illness and disease, some even cut onions and leave them out around the house to deter sickness.224shutterstock107131064

White onions for illness seem to be the fan favorite, but they need to be peeled and placed around the home. (You can do this conspicuously if you think it’s weird). The onions are said to soak up bacteria in the air, so even if you don’t use the whole onion you might want to toss some in the garbage or fridge to get rid of bad odors. Who knew?

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