How Soylent Helps the Techies Keep Working

2015 was the year of the protein shake, and it’s still a thing for techies in 2016. There ‘s nothing new about them, weightlifters and people trying to lose weight have used them for years, and even older folks have started to depend on the Ensure health drink to help supplement their regular food intake.

But this being Silicon Valley, it had to be taken one step further. Coders who are used to working 60 hour weeks (or more) embraced the protein drink with gusto in 2015 because it meant they didn’t have to stop working to eat food. 72 hour hackathon? No worries if you just throw some protein powder in your backpack and mix it with water from the cooler! This is where Soylent came in.523l15878691202_86d40eda0a_b

With a website that combines the minimalist aesthetic of an Apple store, and using phrases throughout that make all the start-ups giddy: like “Modular ingredient design”, “Transparent labeling”, and “empirical design process” they’re definitely targeting the tech savvy. So far, it’s worked like a dream for the Soylent team.

Besides the nod and a wink to the tech guys, the company founder is appealing to the literary with the name itself. It’s explained in this New York Times interview;

“The name, says Rob Rhinehart, Soylent’s chief executive, is derived from Harry Harrison’s 1966 science fiction novel “Make Room! Make Room!” Set in 1999 and a favorite of Rhinehart’s, the book ponders the impact of excessive population growth on food availability. To feed this burgeoning population, people consumed Soylent, made from soy and lentils. “Soylent Green,” a 1973 science fiction movie, based loosely on the book, inserted the use of human remains as an ingredient in its version of Soylent.”

Let’s check out what the techies are drinking – instead of eating – these days:

Soylent Powder 1.5

This powder promises ‘Optimum nutrition, personalized experience, and outstanding per-calorie value. Your first order includes a free pitcher and scoop.’

For the die-hard non-eaters, they can sign up for delivery of this magical elixir up to 224 meals (56 bags worth) for $432 monthly. This seems like a boring alternative to simply buying $432 worth of groceries every month, but then again, I’m not that cool.

Soylent 2.0

523Soylent-2-0-bottleFor those who want to make life even easier for themselves, they can purchase Soylent 2.0 – already mixed and bottled for the ultimate in easy. For $348 monthly, a busy coder can subscribe and receive 144 bottles every month. For that much Soylent, it better taste like a promotion!

I can imagine that after a month, making the same jokes everytime you take a drink – “Soylent is made of PEOPLE!” – has to get old, but this company is still going strong, and I’ve been noticing some tired looking engineers at Starbucks using the free WiFi, but forgoing a latte for a drink in a plain white bottle. It seems a bit cult-ish, if you ask me.

What do you think about forgoing food in order to squeeze in just that many more hours into your workday? Does this seem like a good idea or is your lunch hour a sacred time that no one can mess with – especially if curly fries are involved! Let us know in the comments below!


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