How to Eat This Adorable Sourdough Without Crying

Is that a weird title? You’ll have to follow me for a second to get where I’m going with it. No, the sourdough isn’t made of onions. But in all honesty, you might feel a pang of guilt enjoying this delightful snack and it’s all Disneyland’s fault.

Did I lose you? You aren’t the only one. Let me explain myself.

Please do.

One of my favorite characters in movie history is Groot, from the Guardians of the Galaxy films. Can you blame me? He’s a giant tree that is a super badass in the first film, and he sacrifices himself to protect his family. In the second one, he’s essentially re-grown his little roots and becomes a ball of adorable, dancing his way through the film and offering some comedic relief in all kinds of serious situations.

So, this is where I come into a dilemma with Disney. Recently, the famous park has conjured up a brand-new snack for it visitors to enjoy, but I’m 62guardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-baby-grootthinking that it’s a little too realistic and cute to be on the menu.

The new snack is made from sourdough bread, but it’s shaped just like Groot’s cute little face! There are black olives for the eyes, and jalapeno cheddar sauce used to for his “hair”. There are little carved lines to create the tree trunk effect, and his olive eyes are pretty much judging you from the moment you see them. “Are you seriously going to eat me? Little Groot?”

Ugh, the agony! And what are we supposed to do? This snack is bread and cheese people…how are we supposed to choose? Let Groot live, or eat bread and cheese? I know my answer and it might keep me up at night.

What will you do?

The sourdough-tasting sweet face is made fresh at the Disney California Adventure’s Boudin Bakery, which is a San Francisco-based bakery known for making delicious sourdough. At $9 a Groot, this might be a worthwhile snack if it has got some size to it, but I might be skipping out on this little guy for something a little more substantial and a lot less cute. Something without a face, preferably.62grootbread-376x283

What do you guys think of the new addition from the Guardian clan? Would you spend $9 to devour the harmless little tree that could rip a bad guy limb from limb? We won’t judge. But if you really were wondering how to eat this sourdough without crying, we’d suggest covering your eyes or avoiding the Guardians movies altogether, so you don’t really know how harmless and innocent little Groot is. Shame on you.

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