IBIE 2016: An Interview with A&D Inspection

The International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) recently held its largest show to date at the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you work in the grain-based food industry, the is THE event to attend. Held in over 700,000 sq. ft of exhibit space, IBIE 2016 attracted over 1,000 exhibitors and 23,000 registered attendees. This is a 65 percent increase over the last decade. Michael J. Cornelis, Chair of IBIE, said:

The quality and depth of IBIE’s attendees, exhibitors and education sessions was incredible. IBIE is continually evolving and growing to meet the needs of baking industry professionals, as well as the trends in the industry, and this year we saw a record-breaking show with the largest show floor, number of exhibitors, innovation showcase and education program in IBIE’s history.


One exhibitor was A&D Inspection–based out of San Jose, California. They develop core technologies around analog and digital conversion with tools that use precision measurement and controlling technology.

At the exposition, they featured their flagship metal detection and checkweighing solutions. We caught up with Daniel Cannistraci, Product Manager for A&D Inspection, to learn more about their AD-4971 Series Metal Detector and the AD-4961 Checkweigher, as well as their company.

Katrina Manning: Please tell our readers a bit more about A&D Inspection.

Daniel Cannistraci: A business unit of A&D Engineering and part of the A&D Americas family of businesses, A&D Inspection is based in San Jose, Calif.  Leveraging A&D’s more than 40 years of experience with technology innovation in the development of precision measurement and control products, A&D Inspection provides product inspection related equipment for quality assurance and critical control points in myriad manufacturing industries. For more information on the newest A&D division, please visit http://www.andinspection.com/.


KM: What were you looking forward to at IBIE 2016?

Daniel Cannistraci: We were looking forward to the opportunity to interact with baking industry professionals from around the world, and were excited to share the benefits of our new systems and how they can truly help improve manufacturing processes.


KM: What was it like preparing for this major convention?

Daniel Cannistraci: This was a targeted show for us, so it was a little more refined from what we normally do. From that standpoint, it was actually easier because we knew who our audience was, and could present the information that would be most important to them.

Some shows cover many verticals so we were thrilled to be able to participate in such a targeted show for the baking industry.

KM: What are you displaying this year?

Daniel Cannistraci: A&D Inspection featured two flagship product lines: the AD-4971 Series Metal Detector and the AD-4961 Checkweigher. The recipient of this year’s North America Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership award, the systems offer simple and flexible quality control solutions for baking industry manufacturers of all sizes, and are customizable to fit specific production line and in-line process needs.

KM: What baking trends are you most excited about?

Daniel Cannistraci: As food safety initiatives increase, we are prepared to be a resource for our customers by providing a cost effective solution to their manufacturing processes. Whether it is a requirement from retailers or just an internal quality measure, we offer a simple solution without disruption to our customers’ existing production lines.


KM: If you could only choose two favorite baked goods, what would they be?

Daniel Cannistraci: Pastries is an all-encompassing category: since I cannot limit myself, I will just stick with pastries!

It was a pleasure interviewing Mr. Cannistraci and learning more about A&D Inspection. See you at IBIE 2017!

Photo By: IBIE, A&D Inspection

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