If You’re Craving Ice Cream You Are in for a Sweet and Sour Treat!

Imagine yourself on a hot day, you are probably sweating from all that heat, tired and wishing you had something cold in your mouth, something like ice cream. Now you know you can get ice cream from your nearest store, but, no, you do not like any of the flavors. Strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, too common. Well, what about sour patch kids ice cream?

Why not go for something sweet, and at the same time, sour?

Next time you find yourself in this position and you happen to be near a Walmart store, count yourself lucky. You may just be in for a happy treat. Walmart now carries sour patch kids ice cream! You heard that right–Sour Patch Kids Ice Creeaaammmm!

When you think of ice cream you think sweet, very creamy and well flavored, right? With sour patch kids cream ice cream, you get all that and so much more. Sour patch ice kids cream is not only sweet but also sour, just like the cultastic candy. With this flavor of ice cream, you get two flavors, raspberry and vanilla. What is better than a multi flavored ice cream?

Stored in a brightly colored container and covered with a red, white and blue lid, this heavenly treat is correctly named Red, White and Blue. It contains a mixture of vanilla ice cream and lemon sorbet. What’s more, the ice cream contains raspberry swirl, and candy, yes candy! The lemon and raspberry in gives the ice cream the sour or tangy taste and the lemon sorbet is responsible for the extra tart.

To confirm how great this new ice cream flavor really is, check out the Instagram reviews by some of the people who have tasted it. One of them wrote, “The frozen candy bites are a bit hard to chew, but the ‘raspberry ribbon’ is really what makes the ice cream sour.”  Another foodie wrote in her account Junk Food Mom, “what makes this sour is the Redberry swirl. If you get a spoonful of it, I guarantee your face will pucker up.”  So, there you have it, tested approved. Bring on the pucker!


There isn’t any question that ice cream makes you happy–especially in the midst of a sweltering summer. How, you may ask? Well, scientists have proven that eating cold stuff lights up the same pleasure centers in the brain as winning a lottery.

Interestingly, according to Stanpacnet, “Ice cream stimulates the thrombotonin, which is a hormone of happiness and helps in reducing the levels of stress in the body. The Ice cream is made of milk, which contains L-triptophane, which is a natural tranquilizer and helps in relaxing the nervous system. It also helps prevent symptoms of insomnia.”

So, there you have it, sour patch kids ice cream will surely be one of the best things sold in 2018 to date. If you walk into a store and fail to locate it though, worry not, Walmart has disclosed that they have exclusive dealership rights. So, drop by your local Walmart and get a tub or two!










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