The Inaugural Bacon Fest In Billings Was a Sell Out: Get The Pork Belly Deets Here!


It was back in 1770 when the commercialization of meat began in the English town of Caine, Wiltshire by a man named John Harris. Fast-forward 250 years and the inaugural Bacon Fest in Billings, MT sold out by serving 1,200 avid bacon fans.

The Bacon Fest was held at the Montana Convention Center on Saturday. You can find every Bacon infused delight known to man from bacon covered maple donut courtesy of the Log Cabin Bakery to a delectable Bacon bloody Mary that had people waiting in line.

Because the event was such a roaring success, people actually had to be turned away and waited in lines that waved throughout the building. “We wanted to give restaurants a chance to promote what they do best, and that adds to the culture of Billings,” said Rick Roddam, Townsquare Media Marketing Director. “Part of that also is inviting community organizations to do great work in Billings to come promote their events as well. We’re able to collect a lot of cans for the Billings Food Bank in their busiest season. So before we sell a ticket, that’s the biggest success of this whole event.”


The good news is Bacon Fests regularly happen across the nation. In fact, Iowa services 15,000 hungry patrons for its annual event. Due to the sell out, Montana organizers promise to hold an ever bigger event next year at a larger location.

Looks like American still love their bacon! Have you attended any local Bacon Fests? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below!


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