Kentucky Mule: the Zingy, Refreshing Drink

Saturday was the 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby, and if by some chance you missed the big race – or, perhaps horse racing isn’t your thing – Nyquist won by 1-¼ lengths. He’s headed off to the Preakness (happening on May 21), and if he wins there as well I’m sure the country will be gripped in Triple Crown fever, much as we were last year with American Pharoah (yes, that’s how the horse’s name is spelled, I checked … twice).

The traditional drink of the Derby is a mint julep … which is fine and dandy, but I like something with a little more zing. And by a little, I mean a lot. Enter: the Kentucky Mule. Like its Russian counterpart, the Kentucky mule is made with ginger beer – but instead of vodka, it is made with bourbon (which is what makes it Kentucky-fied).

The Kentucky Mule is a zingy, refreshing drink that – besides being great for Derby day – is a wonderful summer beverage. I don’t know where you live, but it gets HOT and HUMID in my neck of the woods and sometimes there’s nothing better than an ice-cold beverage and a shady spot.510Moscow_Mule

P.S. – if you don’t have a mule mug (or a copper stein as was my case) you can just use a glass.

Sidebar: I don’t think I have anything special to talk about … which is rather shocking. I saw Civil War on opening day and sweet buttered crumpets was it fan-bloody-tastic. I’m still fangirling. HARD. I could talk about it at length, but since it’s not even been out a week I will refrain. But, as I was before I saw the movie, I am still FIRMLY #TeamBucky … which means I’m #TeamCap. But lemme say this: I adore Tony Stark for one reason and one reason alone – one can always count on Tony Start to do the Tony Stark thing UNTIL THIS MOVIE. And I’m going to stop there because if I don’t I will spend the next 1,000 words or so trying to work out my Civil War feels. Of which, apparently, there are a lot. Also: back seat Bucky is probably my most favoritest thing, EVAH.

Kentucky Mule510lime-1269982_1920


crushed ice
ginger beer (I used Crabbie’s)
Kentucky bourbon
juice of ½ a lime


Fill mug with crushed ice. Add shot bourbon and lime juice. Fill rest of the way up with ginger beer. Give it a stir. Garnish with lime slice.

What’s your favorite drink to celebrate the Derby? What about just your favorite summer time drink? Let us know in the comments below.

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