Kitchen Takeover: The Top 8 Tools for Kids

With school out and the wild things roaming free, it may feel like you’re always trying to think of new ways to entertain them while they’re home. We here at TechandBurgers understand that sometimes the tech has to go away, and the kids need to do something different; hence why we also love food. Whether you’re a parent, sibling or friend of a family with little ones, one of the best ways to occupy kids and teach them a thing or two is to send them to the kitchen! Having a hard time persuading them? These cool kitchen tools are sure to entertain!710magicwandshakers1

  1. Magic Wand Salt and Pepper Shakers

Are adults allowed to use these? These salt and pepper shakers from Fred and Friends are perfect for making dinnertime magical and meaningful for the younger ones. There is nothing better than letting kids use their imagination while taking care of their appetites; just be sure they don’t put too much fairy dust on those fries!710PANCAKE-PENS

  1. Pancake Pens

Get ready for “Pancake Tuesdays” to become “Pancake Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sometimes Fridays”. The original pen was created by Tovolo, with an easy to use applicator and fine point tip for drawing designs! Kids can’t really go wrong with this one; whether it’s a masterpiece or not, it’s still going to be edible!710These-Custom-Laser-Engraved-Rolling-Pins-Will-Stamp-Your-Dough-With-Awesome-Patterns-4

  1. Engraved Rolling Pins

Babysitters everywhere will be winning awards for the best baking tools in the neighborhood. These rolling pins come in all different kinds of fun patterns that leave cookies and treats looking cool and good enough to eat! Valek Rolling Pins have designs for everyone; trucks, cats, floral designs and more.

  1. Boiled Egg Skulls710eggamaticskull-main1

For the little boys and girls with freaky fascinations, these skull-shaped egg molds are sure to excite! Whether it’s Halloween or a dreary Monday, these fun shapes will be sure to have kids devouring their breakfast or healthy midday snack.

  1. Carrot Sharpener and Peeler

We don’t want kids thinking they’re safe forever; school will be back eventually! Send them a gentle reminder with this cool new toy by Karoto, which helps with the time-consuming duty of peeling. The sharpener leaves remnants that look just like pencil shavings, and you can use them in other parts of your meal so you’re not wasting any food.710Karoto-carrot-peeler-and-sharpener-3

  1. Scrubwich

Need help cleaning up the mess? Kids will have a hilarious time doing dishes with this sandwich-designed scrubber! Just hand them some rubber duck 710SPNG-2303__66873_1426538063_1280_1280gloves and let them go to town with this scrubbing sandy; PB&J anyone?

  1. Bear Hands Oven Mitts

Teach the kids about kitchen safety while allowing them to feel handy and helpful while you cook. These fun bear oven mitts add a hint of dress-up, and a touch of safety for the moral of the story. Another safety feature you can trust them with is the Devil Oven Pull, a smaller mechanism that will help them pull trays and dishes away from the inside of the oven before pulling it out with their gloves. Everyone wins!

  1. The Dipr

After some hard work, reward your little chefs with an easier way to dunk their favorite cookie into a cold glass of milk. The Dipr is flexible and can hold any sandwich cookie tightly to avoid the milky mess of really dunking those cookies in. Of course, we won’t judge you if want to get messy.710Oreo-Dipper

The kitchen may be an escape for many of us, but for kids the kitchen can be an exciting way to learn new things and expand their picky palette. Don’t be afraid to add some youthful tools like the ones above to your perfectly designed kitchen; food is about exploring – let them join in the expedition!


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