McDonalds Breakfast for Every Canadian

Do you wake up with the cows? Do you sleep in until dinner? Do you periodically nap throughout the day? All of my sleepers, big and small, please stand up. If you’re Canadian and you love breakfast after a good sleep…this is for you.

Quick confession: I eat McDonalds maybe once every few months. One of those burgers every blue moon is all I can really handle. And yet, if you asked me to join you for a quick hash brown and orange juice at McD’s…I might be a little more willing. But how heartbreaking is it to actually make it to this fast-food giant in the midst of your busy morning, only to realize your one minute too late for McDonalds breakfast. And just like that…you’ve got to wait a whole day for the chance again.

Don’t worry, I’m not here to make you feel sad. In fact, a few recent changes are bringing us late sleepers some delicious news. It recently came out that to celebrate the fast-food giant’s 50th anniversary in Canada, they’ve decided to grace its customers with all-day breakfast in a variety of locations.

Now, this might not be “big news” for anyone else, but I can truthfully say that I’ve been witness to handfuls of friends expressing their wishes that the McDonalds breakfast would be available all day long in Canada. Really! Those warm Egg McMuffins and irresistible hash browns were always so delicious, but we could only enjoy them for so long before you had to choose something else.23mcdonalds-coffee-egg

Let me tell you, 11AM comes around way too fast after a late night of socializing. The sad truth was, if you weren’t ready to wake up early enough to get in before breakfast time was up, then you were SOL, my friend. (Unless you had one really, really great friend who was willing to take one for the team and order 30 hash browns at 10:50. God bless those friends.)

So, where do I go?

If you’re Canadian or you’re visiting Canada, you should know that there are now 17 locations across Ontario, Quebec and B.C where McDonalds all-day breakfast is now available. For those popping into Whitby, Ontario and Ajax, Ontario these are the two hot spots for the most locations serving after 11AM.

The other locations that are gracing us with all day pancakes includes Mississauga Ontario, Brampton Ontario, Langley B.C., Coquitlam B.C. and the Montreal area.

Now let’s get one thing straight: All-day McDonalds breakfast has been available in the states since 2015. Two years of all-day breakfast and no one thought about the neighbors up north?! I know this isn’t an important topic in relation to all other things happening currently, but for some of us a McDonalds hash brown at 8PM after a solid work day is all we’re really looking for. Is that too much to ask?23McDonald

With further research, I’ve learned that apparently they’re doing things different for us in the North, setting up standalone McCafe locations instead of offering all-day breakfasts in regular locations. At these McCafes you can get breakfasts, sandwiches, croissants, soups and all kinds of fancy things, but burgers aren’t on the menu. (Because that is so not “cafe” enough.)

There are also self-serve kiosks for these locations, so you can easily grab and go if you don’t want to miss breakfast but you also don’t want to miss that 1 o’clock meeting. The full menu can be found here.

Not a fan of McDonalds? Does this news do absolutely nothing for you? Then you’ll maybe want to consider these 2017 food trends instead. Enjoy!

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