McVegan Creation Aims to Please the Masses

Depending on where you live, the option to try a McVegan from McDonalds might be at your fingertips. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Established in 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois, the fast-food spot McDonalds had founders with a lot of good ideas and very high hopes. Over the years, this food chain has become one of the biggest in the world, with some McDonalds stats sharing that the chain can be found in more than 100 countries, with more than 36,000 locations.

Of course, the burger giant hasn’t always relied on its go-to Big Mac or salty fries to keep things running smoothly; over the years, it’s always been about re-inventing. What can be added to the menu? What do customers want to see? How do we make things healthier?119l171219130140-mcvegan-mcdonalds-box-780x439

As consumer’s opinions and preferences for food have changed, so too has the McDonalds’ menu to reflect those needs. We’ve seen all kinds of items do very well for the chain, with some of the best McDonalds’ menu options that include premium salads, snack wraps and all-day breakfast. Some items, unfortunately, weren’t so lucky—we’ve had to say good-bye to menu items like McLobster, McSpaghetti, the McHotDog and most of the super-sizing options.

Today, McDonalds continues to attempt to update their menu with delicious, healthy items that reflect the preferences of today’s health-conscious society. Lots of people are now attempting to lower the meat content in their diets, while a large number of consumers are embracing vegetarian or vegan options. These days, it’s not unheard of to see just as many vegan-friendly restaurants as there are meat-lover’s options.

McVegan to the Rescue

Of course, McDonalds can’t simply lose all of these customers (there are more than 375 million vegetarians in the world), so it’s been a goal of theirs to come out with a menu item that was meat-free. Enter the McVegan.

This meat-free burger option is a soy-based patty, topped with salad, tomatoes, pickles, and what is called the ‘vegan McFeast sauce’ (still unsure what is in this). All of the ingredients are held together in a classic McDonalds’ bun.

The item was beginning its testing phase at the end of last year, with lucky customers in Finland being the first guinea pigs the first to get to try it. In previous years, McDonalds has tried to introduce healthier burger options, such as the McLean Deluxe. The food-chain claimed that the burger was 91% fat-free, but in order to achieve this much of the burger was injected with water and seaweed to keep the patty together. Safe to say, that burger didn’t do so well.119mcvegan-poster-e1507719078684

McDonalds Under Pressure

Although the burger is still in its testing phases, if it does well then it will likely hit more stores across the UK. It will be interesting to find out about the results of the initial testing however; with so many restaurants already dishing out ahhh-mazing vegan and vegetarian dishes, McDonalds will need to offer a vegan patty that meets the standards of those who are already well into the vegan game.

Burgers might be a simple recipe, but burgers have come a seriously long way! Nowadays, you can find these sweet sizzlers made with all kinds of protein options and some of the most drool-worthy toppings. Even if this is a blog post about the McVegan, we tip our hats to the burger and its impressive evolution.

Would you guys try a McVegan burger from McDonalds? Personally, I’d need to see the creation of this burger from start to finish to truly trust what I’m about to put in my body. If you’re ever in Finland (or if you live there) and you get to try it, tell us about it! We want to know more!

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