Having A Picnic? 3 Of The Best Wines In A Can For The Win!

How did you spend this past holiday weekend? It was hotter than blazes, and no way was I staying indoors, so I grabbed the kids and went on a picnic! One of the best parts of a picnic is having a nice antipasti with a chilled glass of wine. The only issue with it being that most public parks don’t allow glass, so how do you bring your favorite wine along?

Outside of filling a plastic water bottle with your favorite vino, there historically hasn’t been a whole lot of alternatives. But now, everything’s different – you can get wine in a can! This is a new(er) fad that’s taking off, and it’s made my outdoor adventures just that much more enjoyable. Here’s three that I’ve tried, and strongly suggest that you should, too.910table-165692_1280

Underwood Wines

The Union Wine Company in Oregon has released its Noir, Gris, and Rose wine selections in easily packed 12 ounce cans. I took the Rose with me on a hiking trip in Big Sur, and the fruity notes it brought to the trail were absolutely perfect for taking a break with. Though it’s in a can, it does pack a punch, so enjoying more than one can isn’t advised until you’re done with the hike.

Sofia Coppola – Blanc de Blancs

I’m a sucker for champagne, but I’ve never enjoyed Coppola’s Blnc de Blancs in a bottle – it’s never been dry enough, nor is it truly a champagne. However, when I got my four pack of the Blanc de Blancs in a can (with a straw included!) I was ready to give it a go. This blend of Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat seemed made for the can! I spent an afternoon catching up with an old friend, and we made quick work of the cans between the two of us. Something about it in a can makes it less fussy, and more fun.


This was one I was late to try (last night, actually!) and while I normally don’t like Chardonnay, I was ready to give this a go – for purely journalistic reasons, of course. It was fine, it was Chardonnay, and it was packaged to look more like an energy drink than a refreshing wine. They have a Merlot in a can, and I’ve heard rumors of a Cuvee Blanc, but I’d pass on this one unless you were running late for a party and it was the only one you could find. The blend of grapes that goes no further than ‘Central Valley’ in the description causes this wine to taste like nothing more than a generic table wine. Pass.910grapes-694181_1280

If you haven’t tried wine in a can because you’re too much of a wine ‘purist’, don’t be. At the very least give the Coppola a try, it may just change how you feel about the idea of wine in a can! Not to mention, you can sit and enjoy it without the park rangers giving you the evil eye for breaking the rules.

What do you think of canned wine? Are you a fan? Please let us know your favorites in the comments below!


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