The Best Donut Shop Ever

 I don’t know about you guys, but I became acutely aware of the obsession with donuts last year. I always knew they were kicking around, and being Canadian, I almost always associated them with the classic Tim Hortons shelves where they so beautifully gleamed from. (Insert Dunkin Donuts for personal relevance, if necessary).113IMG_2484

But I mean, donuts are everywhere now. They’ve got specialty shops all over the place creating absolute masterpieces and I have no shame in admitting that I’d like to start a show where I get to try every single one. (Which of you will pay for this, please?)

Anyways, a friend of mine has been posting some really luscious, vibrant donut boxes in the last little while so I went on the hunt for some of the craziest donut creations I’ve seen on the internet. What I found instead was a donut dive that takes this simple item menu to a whole-notha-level. Take a visit with me to Gourdough’s in Austin Texas and make sure you’ve eaten before you do. Here are some of our favorite creations:

  1. Porkey’s

Straight off of their donut menu, Porkey’s is a donut that’s covered in Canadian bacon and cream cheese and filled with jalapeño jelly. If you were looking for your chocolate fixing, this is obviously not the donut for you; however, it’s basically heaven for anyone else.

A little bit of barbecue flavor with smooth cheese and a kick of heat? Sign us up!

  1. The Big Cheez

I’m just going to say it; cheese and donuts are up there on the list of all things delicious at any moment of the day. The Big Cheez is #foodgoals to the max, with fresh mozzarella wrapped in donut dough and deep fried. And of course, it’s served with garlic butter, cilantro buttermilk or avocado lime sauce. It’s basically the appetizer of the gods.113grid-cell-16135-1423182309-1

  1. Three Little Guidos

If you’ve been asking your mother for a donut sandwich since you were little, now you can prove her wrong and tell her it does exist! And not only does it exist, but it’s filled with even more mouth-watering ingredients that will have her ordering one too.

The Three Little Guidos is an open-faced, donut sandwich filled with brown sugar, cracked pepper, fresh basil, mozzarella, tomatoes and a balsamic reduction. The only problem I can see with this menu item is that any future BLT anyone makes you is going to taste like dirt.

  1. El Camino

How easy is it to drive from Toronto, Ontario to Austin, Texas every lunch hour? (Asking for a friend.) The El Camino is a DONUT BURGER, filled with Angus beef, chipotle mayo, chipotle cheese blend, pickled jalapeños, bacon, tomatoes and fried onions.

I don’t even know what else to say, except that if they’re sold out of that, check out the Ron Burgundy burger or Double D’s. Their lines must be very long here because HOW DO YOU CHOOSE?113IMG_8559

  1. Country Clucker

It’s embarrassing that before now I thought the only way to serve a donut was all by itself in a sad, brown paper bag.

OF COURSE there are donut entrées at Gourdough’s! The Country Clucker includes crispy fried chicken breast, potato pancakes, warm cream corn and candied jalapeños all atop a piping hot donut. It’s basically Thanksgiving on steroids and good golly if this doesn’t make you thankful I don’t know what will.

Now don’t be fooled—Gourdough’s isn’t offering a tiny menu of a few creative items. Their menu is huge! Not to mention, they’ve also got a dessert menu of donuts that are out of this world. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to any donut for $2.00 (duh).


What do you think of this donut-dedicated dive? Have you visited before? We want to know the juicy details! Comment below!

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