The Best Requests at Starbucks You Can Make

Once in a while, when you’re waiting for your coffee, you hear some ridiculous requests at Starbucks. Like, it’s seriously something you just can’t believe is a real thing, and those brave souls at the cash register put on a smile and say, “Sure thing! I’d love to do 6 cartwheels and heat your drink by the warmth of the sun! Coming right up!”

Okay, it’s not that ridiculous. But sometimes I do wonder if people don’t just sit at home trying to find new ways to spite coffee baristas on the daily.

Requests at Starbucks

We all knew that the good people of Starbucks could do amazing things to our drinks, but we’re betting you didn’t know some of these requests were possible. Check this list out, and give them a try the next time you’re visiting the mermaid-laden café we all know and love so much. (Just don’t try them all at once…don’t be a ridiculous human.)1027l103163-1403373315_Starbucks

Light Ice

I can seriously appreciate this request. You know when businesses go way heavy on the ice and you’re basically drinking water? I’m sorry, did I just pay for coffee drizzled ice cubes? The lack of flavor just sucks. If you’re feeling me, try requesting light ice; it’s a super easy thing to change and you won’t seem like a Starbucks snob.

Extra Hot

For those of you that are slow drinkers, or for those who like to get to the office with your beverage still hot, then this request is for you. Politely ask the barista to make your drink extra hot, and they’ll happily steam the milk for a longer amount of time so you can enjoy your drink longer. Just be sure to add an extra protector sleeve to the cup- you asked for it, so prepare for it!

Mind Your Milk

For all regular beverage requests that require some fresh milk, Starbucks always uses 2%. Looking for something a little different? You have the power! Indeed, if you have requests at Starbucks, one of them can be for other milk versions such as coconut milk and almond milk.

Be sure to specify when you order, and be prepared to enjoy a personalized beverage that makes your tummy happy! Whole milk, plant-based milk…you name it, the Star of Bucks has it.1027Starbucks-Coconut-Milk

Request the “Short”

You have more than just a few options when it comes to cup sizes at Starbucks, but did you know you could get even smaller than a “tall”? It’s true, folks! Starbucks actually offers a “short” option, which is eight ounces of caffeinated gloriousness.1027l1444143104-syn-del-1444076550-shortvstall

Hot Tea on Ice

Depending on the weather, a big cup of hot tea might be exactly the thing that you want, or it might be missing something on a hot day. Don’t fret, Starbucks can switch up your favorite tea depending on the weather! For those who want the earthy tea flavor without the heat, request your hot tea on ice! The barista will let the tea steep and then pour it into a cup of ice for a few minutes to get it to the perfect temperature. Ahhhh.  


What kind of requests do you need to make your drink perfect? We’d love to hear about more requests at Starbucks we didn’t know existed! Comment below! Need a healthy snack to go with your tea? Try out this recipe for Pumpkin Spice Date Energy Balls! We can’t get enough of them!


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