The Latest Food Trend: Burnt to a Crisp

No, you’re not going crazy. You read that right. You know when you accidentally burn the bottom of literally anything and you have to scrape all of the burnt pieces off with a knife and hope the ketchup covers the rest? Well, believe it or not your culinary burning skills might actually be embraced in the current food trend…am I losing you? It’s alright, I felt lost as well. But hey—we love food and we’re ready to learn about the new things our readers are trying. So, let’s dig in!47l349A0543

But burnt? Why? 

Yes, I’m very sorry but it’s true. Burnt, charcoaled food is now the popular pick in food trends and it’s making me question everything I’ve ever known. Didn’t our mothers always teach us not to burn anything or else all flavor would be lost? Regardless of what we thought we knew, there is a current craze right now around burnt food, and from what I’ve read it mostly comes down to how the food looks and not at all what it tastes like. (This is sounding more and more ridiculous but I’m going to keep an open mind.)

Forget flavor, does it look cool?

So essentially, people are really digging the burnt food look, especially for those foodies who like to post food on food on food for their followers to salivate over. The burnt food looks a little more dramatic and gothic, which I guess makes the other colors in the photo really pop. The burnt food is esthetically pleasing, but are people really eating these plates once their done with their photos and filters?

I’ll have the…burnt…pizza?

It seems that the most popular item to be served burnt to a crisp is pizza, which aside from its crumbling charcoal pizza dough is also covered with very fancy toppings to make up for the crust. I’ve seen the likes of oysters, porchetta and sun dried tomatoes, but I’m not sure that these things will really bring out the flavors of the soot?47pizza-al-carbone-vegetale

This isn’t a one-time thing, either. There are various high-end restaurants that are starting to sell the blackened pizza, and its garnering attention with its “super healthy” status. Although there’s no real proof that says the blackened dough is any healthier than the original stuff, it seems more people are inclined to try it so long as it’s still drizzled in cheese and pepperoni.


What do you guys think of this latest food trend? Have any of you actually tried blackened pizza? We’d love to hear some reviews about it! Looking for something to wash down that charcoal crust? Try out this delicious dessert recipe to make everything better again.

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