The Most Expensive Gingerbread House Money Can Buy

When the holidays roll around, it’s always fun to gather friends and family for some friendly competition. Sometimes our friends throw a good old-fashioned snowman-making challenge or snowball fight, but this year we wanted to make the pot a little sweeter (pun intended). With that being said, we started talking about a gingerbread house competition, to see who could soup up their house the best, with just a gingerbread house kit, and some extra goodies.

While the main event is yet to be had, it got me thinking about some of the other gingerbread houses people are making, and what kind of lengths people go to, in order to win. Do they add extra floors to their houses? Maybe they add swimming pools and fancy gardens? After some research, I realized that some people are taking the whole contest way to seriously.

Ladies and gentlemen, I fell upon the world’s most expensive gingerbread house. It’s true! There’s been a serious buzz around this gingerbread crib, so I had to check it out. While I was picturing dazzling rooftops and a floorplan full of holiday spirit, it seems that the builders of this house made of gingerbread weren’t really going for style. Let me know what you guys think!01222most-expensive-gingerbread-house-2-690x580

The Gingerbread House to End All Gingerbread Houses

So essentially, this house cost so much money to make, that none of us would be able to afford to live in it (even with such a low hydro bill). The house was created by well-known pastry chef Georgia Green, who partnered with a luxury retailer by the name of VeryFirstTo to make this dream a reality.

Initially I was imagining all kinds of wild and amazing this going onto this gingerbread house to make it truly stand out. However, the goal was to create something extravagant, but that would also fit right into a cozy street of snow-covered houses. The idea wasn’t to make something big and ridiculous; it was supposed to replicate something similar to our own homes.

So how much does this gingerbread house cost? You might want to sit down. A house of ginger like this will only cost you $78,000.00. Pocket change, am I right?

The Details

So, what exactly goes into a $78k gingerbread house, might you ask? I’m so glad you did. In order to get a bill that high, this house wasn’t decorated in your regular kit with icing and gummies. Oh no, this gingerbread masterpiece got a little bit spoiled with its ingredients, which included Suma raw sugar cane, Duchy organic eggs and organic ginger. Very, very basic stuff.

Still not impressed? To top off this delicious home, the rooftops and windows are adorned with 150 AAAA grade South Sea Pearls, and a simple wreath decorated with a 5-carat Mozambique Ruby. Whaaat!?01222gingerbreadruby_4583d112947_original

There’s good news, and there’s good news. The good news is, £1,000 of each gingerbread house purchase will be donated to the Prince’s Trust Charity. While they’re not exactly flying off of the shelves, it’s good to know that some of the proceeds will be going back to good causes.

The other good news, is that you are allowed to request more pearls on your gingerbread house, should you want them. Which, like, thank god because I cannot possibly serve something like this to my guests without at least 200 pearls. That’s just ridiculous.


What kinds of delicious holiday desserts are you planning on devouring this holiday season? I for one know that I’ll be stuffed to the brim with gingerbread house this weekend and I simply cannot wait. Happy holidays, everyone!

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