The Most Expensive Taco We Can Only Dream About

The most expensive taco you’ve ever eaten might have come in around $20-$30, but it was likely delicious and a totally worth it. Am I right? Because hey, as amazing as tacos are, who is going to spend an arm and a leg just for a fancy taco? Give us some great spices, some fresh avocado and a handful of other ingredients are we’d be happy as pie.

Not everyone!

A new taco recipe has come to light, and it’s guaranteed to be the most expensive taco you’ve ever come across. It’s doesn’t cost $100, and it’s not even close to $1000. If you want to try this taco delicacy, you better be prepared to re-mortgage the home. Oh yes folks, this taco costs $25,000.

Expensive Taco or Mid-life Crisis?

You read that right. It will cost you $25,000 to taste this fancy menu item, or about the same as it would cost you for a brand-new Mazda Miata. Safe to say, the people who purchase this taco have a little bit of spending power…or they just totally read the menu wrong and they’re about to get the surprise of their life.1110Most-expensive-taco-in-the-world

What’s Inside?

For $25,000, it’s not just about what’s on the inside that counts; for an expensive taco like this, you have to think outside the bun as well!

Chef Juan Licerio Alcala wasn’t kidding around when he chose his ingredients. The actual taco itself is made with a corn tortilla speckled in 24 carat gold flakes. The shell actually glistens and shines, and likely makes up for half of the cost of the meal.

Inside you’ll find the highest quality Kobe beef, lobster and shrimp for your meats. Alongside those ingredients, there’s also Almas Beluga caviar and black truffle brie cheese. I mean, come on!

Even after your taste buds have been punched by a combination of ridiculous flavors, you’ll also get to relish in the unique salsa made from Morita chiles and what is known as ‘civet coffee’. This one got me, you guys. Civet coffee, is a liquid made from the fermented droppings of an animal called a Civet, which has previously eaten the berries of a coffee plant.1110l104763537-makeit_10102017_bajuelos_tacos_slsr_mezz_600x400

I have no idea how I feel about this, except that this animal must feel like absolute royalty if they’re being fed coffee beans and serving us their droppings. Ahh, we are a strange species.

Where Can We Get One?

First of all, if you’re actually thinking about purchasing one of these tacos, please, please tell us about it after! Secondly, you’re crazy.

You can purchase these tacos at the Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort, an impressively-luxurious resort in Baja, California. Unfortunately, you can only order this taco if you’re staying in the presidential suite, so get ready to cough up some more money.

In another turn of awkward events, the dish is presented to guests in the middle of the desert, encircled by motorcycles. However, these practices can be adjusted to the guests’ preferences. (Likely not in the middle of the desert surrounded by motorcycles?)

Still not impressed enough? Wash down your taco with the chef’s suggested beverage: Pasion Azteca, a luxury tequila that will cost you $150,000 a bottle. We’re thinking that while an expensive taco might be nice once in a while, we sure do love our inexpensive, homemade meals just as much! Who’s with us?

Not surprisingly, this menu item hasn’t been purchased by anyone yet, but there are a lot of people showing interest. So, what do we think this taco would actually taste like? One should probably know what gold tastes like before they could make a guess. Anybody?

What is the most expensive item you’ve ever purchased? Was it worth it? Comment below!


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