The Perfect Food Gift for Mother’s Day

If you’re hmming and haaing about what to get your darling mother for Mother’s Day, then we might have exactly what you’re looking for. We know it can be tough to come up with something that is thoughtful, affordable and actually helpful to your hard-working moms, but this awesome tech gift is perfect for anyone that loves to be in the kitchen. Even if you don’t celebrate Mother’s Day, this could be a great gift for anyone who wants to perfect their kitchen skills with a cool, interactive tool and an amazing teacher.

Interested yet? You should be! The perfect food gift for Mother’s Day is the Gordon Ramsay Master Class! Yes, you heard that right. Gordon Ramsay has created a cooking class that you can learn from and enjoy in the comfort of your kitchen without being shouted at! How cool is that?!421fmaxresdefault

Tell us more!

This awesome new class is something Ramsay has never done before; he’s taking people behind the scenes into his own kitchen to give them one-on-one lessons that are easy to follow at their own pace. No matter how experienced or new your mother is to being in the kitchen, these classes are easy to pause, re-watch and study so that she can move along when she feels confident with what she’s learned.

What we really like about this tech idea is that it’s not all about making ridiculously-difficult dishes; in fact, it starts with mastering some of the simplest skills in the kitchen before you move onto the harder classes. Gordon starts with some introductions, then works his way into the layout of the kitchen, mastering basic ingredients, knife skills and more.

There are 20 video lessons in all, with some of the last classes focusing on mastering beef, lamb and pork as well as one of Ramsay’s most favorite dishes the tricky beef wellington.421ffmaxresdefault

How is it different from others?

This is Gordon Ramsay we’re talking about here. Gordon Ramsay! He’s a seven-star Michelin chef with crazy successful shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef, and he owns the Gordon Ramsay Group which has 30 restaurants globally from Europe to the US and the Middle East. Let’s just say…mom will definitely be getting the star treatment with these lessons.

Not only is the information top-notch, but the classes are extremely affordable, being offered at $90 for a lifetime of access to the videos. The lessons also come with a class workbook so that mom doesn’t even have to worry about taking notes; everything will be written down for her!421fIMG_20170306_32581

She can even upload videos to be seen by the rest of the class, and may even have the opportunity to have her questions answered by Ramsay himself! There are tons of great specs included in this gift, and those who have the lessons can feel free to share them with friends or family who want to get in on the action as well.

What do you think of this Mother’s Day gift? It’s a nice blend of food and tech, so you know we’re loving it! Have you taken this class before? Comment below! We’d love to hear from an experienced Ramsay student!

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