These Food Shows Should Be on Your “Must-Watch” List

Fall might mean changing leaves and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes for some, but for others it means finding a whole slew of new sitcoms to judge, enjoy or completely boycott. And while it’s fair that this time of the year often makes or breaks the success of a show, I really can’t say anything against any food shows…ever.

Have you guys ever watched new food shows and disliked them? I mean, what can you possibly dislike about any show that’s based around food? (That seems like a ridiculous question, but I’m serious.) Look, I can understand having a deep loathing for specific contestants. My family watches full seasons of cooking shows and after a while a few people get to you. (Such is life.) But that fact is, these shows let you know right off the bat what you’re going to see, who will be hosting and what kinds of foods you’ll get to drool over.

Whether you watch them religiously or simply enjoy having them on in the background while you cook dinner, you have to admit food shows have got-it-going-on!

That being said, it’s often hard to decide which shows you should catch on a weekly basis. That’s what I’m here for! If you need some guidance on some “must-watch” food shows, here are some of the best of the best coming in hot this fall:

Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner

I don’t know if it was a surprise to people or not, but Martha and Snoop’s first season passed with flying colors. Whether fans liked the quirky combo of Martha and Snoop, their hilarious antics, the great food or the fun guests, we’re glad to see that the combination brought them another season.

The pair are actually friends in real life and share an obvious love for food, so the show is coming for another round and promises a lot more silliness and impressive plates. Be sure to check it out if you like a laugh with your meal.929CsSy0HUUEAAonKL

Hell’s Kitchen Season 17

Yes, 17. There have been 17 seasons of Chef Gordon Ramsay (swoon) screaming and offending wanna-be chef masters from all over America and it’s a thing of beauty. (As long as you’re not on the show.) This season promises to bring a whole new slew of insults and achievements, and this round is bringing back all-stars from previous years who just didn’t make the cut the first time.

If you like lots of yelling, arguing and stressful situations, this is likely a show for you.929Hells-Kitchen-TV-show-on-FOX-renewed-for-seasons-17-and-18-cancelled-or-renewed

Guy’s Big Project

 America’s bleach-haired sweetheart has a new show coming to the Food Network, and we’re pretty excited to support the goofy, fun-loving food connoisseur. While we’re not sure about everything that is to be expected, it has been shared that it is a competition-based show with 8 contestants. Fieri has also shared that it will be all about helping people to achieve their dreams, which may or may not be in the food industry and there will be tough eliminations.

We’re guessing this is the perfect show for people who like the competitive side but prefer less of a- err…mouthy chef.929guy-588

Which food shows are your favorite to watch? Any suggestions we should be watching? Comment below! All this food talk making you hungry? Try this best tofu recipe tonight!

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