Think You Can Find an Amazing Burger as Good as This?

In a leisurely stroll through my Facebook news feed, I recently came across an ad. Now, most of the time I ignore these ads…no wait that’s not true. I’m actually quite often sucked into them, so this ad bares no special difference. HOWEVER, it wasn’t a sale or free item that I was interested in…this time, it was a photo. And that photo was of an incredibly amazing burger. I can appreciate quality food photos when they’re not being taken during a dinner date, so I immediately had to know more.728bmtaqdjh68yi4lw527mq_400x400

What Was It?

The photo led me to a website for a company called the Boston Burger Company. Upon further inspection of the site, I learned that the restaurant has a few different locations including ones in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville. It is a casual American restaurant catering to the unforgiving people’s love of an amazing burger and all things associated with an amazing burger. (I’m talking sides and MILKSHAKES, people).

They’re main focus is to create unique and creative menu items that you can’t find anywhere else, as well as offering craft beers, gourmet French fries, sandwiches, salads and more. It’s safe to say if you’re hungry you’ll do quite well here.

Let’s Get to the Food. 728l420+Burger+from+Boston+Burger+Company

I couldn’t agree more. At first glance of the menu, I’m spotting some mouthwatering appetizers like deep fried mac & cheese balls, pulled pork and onion rings. All in all, a solid show. But I think we can do better right?

To the Meat! 

I immediately went onto the burger section, because that’s what initially caught my eye. People, there are more than 30 amazing burger options on this menu! Seriously! How do I even know where to start with this?

I have to give you a quick coverage of some of the burgers I was enticed by. It would be cruel of me not to. And if you have in fact visited one of these spots before, please comment below and tell us what you ate! Because those kinds of life-changing stories should be shared!

Mac Attack

Every child’s dream, and every adult with the soul of a child still in them. It’s basically four-cheese mac & cheese, and some crispy bacon. (Because why not?) The menu item was actually featured on Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives and is essentially an overload of delicious cheeses and that smoky pork flavor I cannot deny.


Obviously, a meat lover’s choice, the Pigferno caught my eye because of the long list of ingredients and the towering burger that looked impossible to eat with dignity. The ingredients include habanero BBQ pulled pork, habanero salsa, beer-battered onion rings, spicy mayo and American cheese. Obviously if you like a little pork and a lot of spice, this burger might be perfect for ya.

420 Burger

If you’re ordering the “420 burger”, you might need someone to offer you support as you go along (or at least share it with you). This towering terror is filled with mouth-watering ingredients but it begs the question: When does a burger, stop being a burger and become a full-on sky scraper?

Ingredients include fried mac & cheese, onion rings, fries, bacon, mozzarella sticks, BBQ sauce and American cheese. I’m just going to leave that there.728l348s

Would You Like a Freak Frappe with That? 

If you’re intrigued by this restaurant, please do me the honor of looking at their “Freak Frappes” as well. If you’re making a trip to Boston Burger Company, there’s no way you can leave without giving these shakes a try.

The mouthwatering desserts are just as sky-high as their burger counterparts, and absolutely drenched in toppings including whipped cream, cookies and even slices of cake!728l19533724_212875935902215_1600157265183113216_n


If you ever get a chance to visit this place, please please take photos and let us know how your meal was! And while you’re here, be sure to check out the latest on the children’s food allergy problem we’re currently facing. Children shouldn’t grow up without delicious ingredients, people!

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