This is the Year You Drink More Water

It’s a brand-new year, which means now is the time to try some new recipes, ogle over some new tech and drink more water! Oh, yes folks, with all of those long lists of resolutions pouring in, I wanted to hand out one simplistic resolution; one that would be easy to keep up with, and extremely effective in helping us to stay healthy.

Even though you might already have a few goals in mind for this year, this is one that I guarantee you’ll be happy to have signed up for… and I’m going to do it with you. The resolution? Drink more water! It might seem boring, but you’re going to want to be healthy enough to complete all of those other awesome resolutions you have, right? Recent stats have shown that sugar-filled soda is actually more popular than drinking water….umm yikes?! We need to change that!

If you’re still unimpressed with my ultimate resolution, check out some of these amazing benefits of drinking more water and you might change your mind. Comment below if you’re joining me for a healthier 2018!

Weight Loss

If you’re planning to become healthier in 2018, then drinking water is your ultimate tool. Drinking this fresh beverage actually helps to make you feel more full, which encourages smaller food portions. As a result, it’s easier to shed a few extra pounds just by avoiding those second rounds and extra desserts.lose-weight-tips

Body Balance

Your body is great at taking care of itself, but it still needs all the help it can get. The body is made up of about 60% fluids, and you can help your body to retain this much fluid by upping your water intake. By doing so, you can help the systems inside run more smoothly, regulate your body temperature, digest food and more.

Clearer Skin

Some of the necessary toxins in our body aren’t all that great for our skin; some of them can cause a few simple pimples, while others might result in clogged pores and aggressive acne. To help fight these toxins, a healthy intake of water can flush them out and leave your skin looking clearer and feeling fresher.TD_ClearSkin_3

Improved Mood

Because water can do so much good for the body, it’s often said that water intake can help to improve our moods. This has a lot do with how water can increase our concentration, flush out fatigue and improve digestion. With so many good things going on in our systems, it’s hard not to feel like a cold glass of water can wash the blues away.   

Pain Prevention

When our bodies are dehydrated, a lot of bad things can happen. If you’re playing a sport with a dehydrated body, you’re more likely to experience slower movements and poorer decision-making that can lead to more injuries. If you drink more water, you’ll be able to stay more alert, and it can also help to relieve cramps, sore muscles and aching joints.6469de2a7af53b33be0b3956cc6e2ca9--exercise-motivation-motivation-quotes

Increased Productivity

If you’re feeling lethargic and uninspired at work, grab a big glass of water and chug it down! Water can help people to feel refreshed and alert, making it easier to get through some of your slower days this year.


If you don’t have any resolutions quite yet, don’t fear! Every single day is a great day to create new goals and work towards a healthier version of yourself. This simple goal to drink more water is easy to follow, and you can even find some water bottles and phone apps that will remind you when you need to drink water! Bottoms up, for 2018! Comment below with your latest resolutions!









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