Top 5 S’more Recreations to Try this Summer


Of all things holy, s’mores are certainly pretty high on the list (for me, anyways). The crunch of the graham cracker, the melted chocolate and gooey marshmallow are probably the greatest trio since Book Mice (Oh my god someone please tell me they know this show). S’mores are essentially the ultimate symbol of cottage and camping life- after a long day of sun, swimming and fishing there’s nothing like the crackle of a campfire and a fresh bag of mallows.

Now, I totally respect the original s’more, and I won’t challenge it as the greatest campfire treat ever- but I think it’s time we took it up a notch. Why do s’mores only show up around the campfire? Why can’t I have a s’more whenever I gosh darn please? With that in mind…I explored the world wide web for some recreations of the campfire classic and let me say you will not be disappointed. Check out these 5 S’more recreations for you to try this summer:

  1. S’mores Bars by Taste of Home

These guys hit the nail on the head- what kid wants to say goodbye to summer and s’mores? Thankfully, these crunchy, chewy bars are the perfect solution when you send them back to school. They’ve got the soft topping of a marshmallow and a chocolate center that are sure to bring back memories of warmer days gone by. Not only that but they’re a lot less messy and simply to pack in their lunch bag. Perfecto.527exps45611_SD1785596D37B

  1. Mini S’mores by Taste of Home

Excuse me while I melt over the most adorable re-creation I’ve ever seen. Mini s’mores? This is cause for celebration! Forget trying to hide a messy, gooey s’smore in your office desk…these are the perfect solution. Not only that but they’re dipped in chocolate too! One bite of these and you’ll be transported back to your easy, breezy weekend on the beach.527exps129033_SD163575D10_07_2b

  1. S’mores Cake in a Jar by How Sweet it is

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve noticed that the mason jar is certainly having its day with salads. The trend has become very popular, offering meal packers the opportunity to create hearty, healthy meals by layering the ingredients in a mason jar and bringing them along. And while a healthy salad is a great thing, I’m thinking a s’more salad of sorts is even better!

How Sweet It Is had the same idea and came up with a s’more cake in a mason jar, layered with graham cracker crumbs, hot fudge and marshmallows. Mess-free and totally irresistible… I like where this is going.527smoresjar-5

  1. S’mores Macaroons by Bakers Royale

So you love s’mores, but you think they’re a little childish? (While I’m slightly offended, I’m still looking out for you). These s’more Macaroons are the perfect answer for those who are craving the campfire flavors but looking for something cleaner and more…mature (Those who are trying to hone their baking skills will also appreciate this challenging recipe).527Smores-Macarons-by-Bakers-Royale21

  1. S’mores Milkshake by The Hungry Housewife

Like I said, I would never challenge the greatness of a traditional s’more, but this idea has me super excited to try it for myself! Sometimes you just crave a good milkshake; this one is made with vanilla milkshake, toasted marshmallows and chocolate JIF spread. Not to mention, you could have this cool in the summer, or make more of a hot chocolate s’more beverage in the colder months. Need I say more?527l7456087860_877a24d8df_z


Thankfully, summer is just beginning and we have a handful of long weekends to fill with scary stories, crackling fires and mouth-watering s’mores. But if you’re looking for something to keep you going through the work week, consider these delicious recipes that are simple to whip up and perfect to keep the cottage attitude alive! What is your favorite s’more combination?




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