Twist on a Classic: Zucchini Carpaccio

Zucchini carpaccio. Be still my heart. This dish, guys: THIS DISH. If I could eat this everyday I would. It’s light. It’s lemon-herby. AND THERE IS CHEESE. I first encountered this delicious dish on my birthday a few weeks ago when I got to hit up one of the restaurants on my list: Olio (which GQ named one of the best restaurants in the most unexpected places); which is in a delightfully restored and converted old gas station from the 1930s. It has charm out the wazoo … and then there’s the modern Israeli food. #swoon

The thing about zucchini carpaccio is there are approximately 997 variations to this recipe (as there are for most things in life) and this is just the way I make this yum, but if you rock a different variation in your kitchen, well: you do you, bébé (also share your yums with me).

Now that we’ve discussed that there are no recipes there is only Zuul, you might be asking yourself what in the heck is carpaccio. Well, campers, this is why you have me. Gather round, it’s story time. Traditionally speaking, carpaccio is a dish of thinly sliced RAW beef (and now that I’m in to this I have to have a sidebar up here because DID YOU ALL SEE THE CHICKEN SASHIMI THING THIS WEEK? Raw chicken is BAD. Salmonella will KILL YOU. Just say no, campers.) drizzled with olive oil, and served with lemon, capers, and onion rings. In terms of modern cuisine you can find fish (like tuna) or fruits or vegetables in place of the raw beef.919carpaccio-777849_1920

This dish is the perfect mix between salty and herby and lemony. And while it makes a great meal or side on it’s own, I tend to eat it mixed with farro and grilled chicken as a sort of an “it’s not really a salad but it is a salad” salad. If you hadn’t guessed I am a FAN of grains in salads … *waves hand at Greens & Grain salad*

Note: something that makes this recipe a little different is the zucchini is GRILLED first and then set to marinade, plus there’s a bit of fresh dill (which I had forgotten how much I love) mixed in with the parsley.

Second Note: I used a knife to slice my zucchini into strips, but if you’re comfortable using a mandolin go for it. These slices, though thin, shouldn’t be paper-thin since you are grilling it.

SIDEBAR: Did you see we have a new ruler of Britain? THE PROHEPHCEY HAS BEEN FUFILLED. A girl pulled a sword out of a Cornish lake where King Arthur’s sword was reportedly thrown. There are literally books written about the holder of Arthur’s sword, so: ALL HAIL MATILDA JONES.

Zucchini Carpaccio


1 zucchini, thinly sliced
4 rings/slices preserved lemon
2 TBSP olive oil
small handfull of parsley, chopped
1-2 stalks dill, chopped
1-2 TBSP pecorino (or romano) cheese


Lightly grill zucchini slices. You want some grill marks and for the zucchini to be cooked through (it won’t take all that long, but will take a bit longer than you think it should).

In a shallow dish mix together olive oil and herbs. Next take the zucchini and toss with herb-oil mixture. Layer in preserved lemons.

Refrigerate until cold.

Sprinkle pecorino cheese over the top and serve.

What are some of your favorite carpaccio recipes? If you’ve never had it, but plan to try, what do you want to try it with?


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